Arena Standard - Orzhov Citadel

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Good evening Magic Malt Maniacs! I am very proud of this here deck, not sure if I should be, but I am. Vampires have always appealed to me, they are fast and have great synergy in the right build. Problem was, I never got the right build going for them and struggled, especially in rated play. So then I noticed that [[Bloodthirsty Aerialist]] and [[Ajani's Pridemate]] have a very nice synergy with one another, so I built a deck around lifegain as well as those cards and [[Command the Dreadhorde]]. Well, the Command did not work out, so I tried [[Bolas's Citadel]]. Holy. Hell. This is a fun deck.

OKAY, LET'S TAKE A LOOK: [[Ajani's Welcome]] gives us life for every creature that touches the board and it has great synergy with the aforementioned pieces. [[Banehound]] is a nice one drop that is hasty and gains us life. [[Vampire of the Dire Moon]] also gives us life and a deathtouch creature. [[Healer's Hawk]] is also a nice lifegainer/early dinger. [[Cruel Celebrant]] cuz let's face it, we are not exactly running tough creatures here. [[Ajani's Pridemate]] and [[Bloodthirsty Aerialist]] basically go with everything in this deck. [[Spark Harvest]] provides some nice spot removal and pairs well with the Celebrant (sorry [[Banehound]]) while [[Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord]] resurrects our stuff and pings our opponent and his planeswalkers while also growing our life total and our Pridemates and Aerialists. [[Bolas's Citadel]] is our coup de grace, especially with the Welcomes on the board and a high life total. The God ability is also kinda sweet, see previous note about high life total and getting stuff on the board. Sideboard is relatively flexible: [[Duress]] for when disruption is king, [[Kaya's Wrath]] against wider builds, [[Unbreakable Formation]] against board sweeps, and [[Despark]] against Stompy and anything running Tef5ri. 

ADVANTAGES: 1) This deck does not need the Citadel to pop, it can go wide and can hurt the opponent in different ways 2) This deck is somewhat difficult to sideboard against and it requires some form of control to keep it in check and 3) This deck is designed to build up life totals quickly so your opponents will basically be racing you since turn one.

DISADVANTAGES: 1) [[Cry of the Carnarium]], enough said. 2) See note 2 under Advantages but omit everything up to the "and" and 3) This is a combo deck at heart and while it has the ability to go wide, fast, and furious, it does have more moving parts than I prefer, so you need to play this deck with a bit of tact to make it work. Additionally, Mono Red is really the only deck that can hose this one in my experience since it is so fast and furious with the damage

Overall, this deck has been a trial of tears, a lot of effort went in to perfecting it, and I hope you get some good play out of it. Until next time, may all your draws be God-like and may your spells always hit the board. Good hunting!


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Married father of two, middle school history/English teacher with a passion for games.

TWITTER: @RisendragonGame

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Last Updated: 03 Aug 2019
Created: 26 Jul 2019
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I like it, Citadel is fun, and the idea of slamming down a flood of 1/2 drops makes me happy :D