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Aggro Control
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Good morning Magic Maniac Magees! Once more, I am home from work with not only a sick child but a sick body myself. Seriously, a stomach bug in July? What the actual hell? Anyways, with the new Core Set rolling into town, I figured it would be worth looking into everyone's favorite: Mono U. Only this time, it's a bit of a combination between Mono U and this Simic Flash deck that is sweeping the Magic world. No it does not run U/G, but it does feature several staple cards from that Simic build and throws them into the Mono U mix. I have had a bit of success with it and I hope you do as well.

DECK TIME: [[Siren Stormtamer]], our Merfolk Pirate Wizard one drop counter diva, I am going to miss this card when it rotates out of Standard. [[Pteramander]], cuz who does not love a potential 5/5 flyer? [[Spectral Sailor]] has done well with getting me card draw and pinging opponents early on, some people love it some do not, I love it. [[Brineborn Cutthroat]] is kind of a beast in this deck with our flash creatures and instants, [[Merfolk Trickster]] is always a stalwart, while Big Boi [[Tempest Djinn]] is our finisher extraordinaire. [[Spell Pierce]] shuts down early threats, [[Curious Obsession]] gives us card draw, [[Lazotep Plating]] is IMHO a bit better than [[Dive Down]] as it gives us hexproof and a 1/1 token, and [[Sinister Sabotage]] counters later threats. [[Mu Yangling, Sky Dancer]] is a beast in this deck as she can shut down aggro, give us aggro, and eventually pull off her God ability that just is phenomenal. I love her in this build. Sideboard has flexibility: [[Negate]] for noncreature builds (Esper), [[Essence Capture]] for creature heavy builds (Simic Flash), [[Cerulean Drake]] for Mono R and Feather, and [[Unsummon]] is pretty much versatile no matter what deck it is in, might even be a mainboard option.

ADVANTAGES: 1) I feel this is a more aggressive Mono U build than others while not losing the flavor of the deck's legacy 2) As always, Mono U is flexible and 3) It is fairly cheap to operate IRL.

DISADVANTAGES: 1) Removal hoses us, so you have to time your counters right 2) The Plating doesn't work (found this out the hard way) against mass removal and 3) we run the risk of nickel and diming our opponent without really busting through for big damage, but then again, please name one Mono U deck that does.

I have enjoyed this deck so far, I feel the tweaks made throughout the past few weeks have really given Mono U more of a chance to shine and I could not be happier since it is one of my favorite decks to pilot. Until next time, may all your spells hit the board and your draws be God-like!


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Married father of two, middle school history/English teacher with a passion for games.

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Last Updated: 12 Aug 2019
Created: 21 Jul 2019
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