Commander - Mill Yangling, Sky Dancer (Oathbreaker)

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  • Deck contains 39 invalid cards for this format: Ludevic's Test Subject // Ludevic's Abomination (color), Portal Mage (color), Manic Scribe (color), Thing in the Ice // Awoken Horror (color), Moonring Island (color), Dreadwaters (color), Sphinx's Tutelage (color), Laquatus's Creativity (color), Traumatize (color), Mindshrieker (color), Fraying Sanity (color), Tolarian Winds (color), Mindcrank (color), Thought Scour (color), Blue Sun's Zenith (color), Psychic Corrosion (color), Island (color), Deepglow Skate (color), Memory Erosion (color), Minds Aglow (color), Tezzeret's Gambit (color), Thrummingbird (color), Forge of Heroes (color), Brainstorm (color), Mulldrifter (color), Drowned Secrets (color), Archaeomancer (color), Frantic Search (color), Clear the Mind (color), Thought Collapse (color), Wall of Lost Thoughts (color), Bond of Insight (color), Flux Channeler (color), Wall of Runes (color), Spark Double (color), Guildpact Informant (color), Leyline of Anticipation (color), Drawn from Dreams (color), Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer (color)
  • Deck has incorrect number of cards: 62 (should be 100 including commander)
  • Deck commander is not valid
Main 60 cards (39 distinct)
Creature (14)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (21)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (1)
Commander 2 cards (2 distinct)

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No, that isn't a typo! This is a deck based around getting Mu Yangling, Sky Dancer to ultimate as quickly as possible in conjunction with Psychic Corrosion to help mill out our opponents. The signature spell is Drawn from Dreams as a way to filter our deck to find PC as soon as possible and/or other pieces such as Deepglow Skate or Fraying Sanity.


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Last Updated: 22 Jul 2019
Created: 20 Jul 2019
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