Arena Standard - Beamsplitter Wizards (Izzet)

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There is nothing like a good ol' fashioned wizards aggro deck and today I've got a fun one. This deck sets up a few wizards in the first couple of turns then, using combat tricks, hits really hard on turn 4 or 5 to win the game.

The core card in the deck is of course [[Beamsplitter Mage]]. Getting double value out of your cards is always a powerful strategy, and [[Beamsplitter Mage]] provides that in spades. Ideally you want a [[Beamsplitter Mage]] in your opening hand as he gives you potential to kill on turn 4 using [[Infuriate]] and [[Run Amok]] while having [[Adeliz, the Cinder Wind]] or [[Wee Dragonauts]] on the field too (that is a 20 damage combo with trample and 1/2 flying.) [[Dreadhorde Arcanist]] works like this too if you buff him before he attacks so you can use his ability to buff as he attacks. 

In most wizard decks [[Adeliz, the Cinder Wind]] is a key player and this deck is no different, the legendary wizard provides a very powerful ability that allows you to spread pressure across the board, even though you are targeting [[Beamsplitter Mage]] with spells [[Adeliz, the Cinder Wind]] lets you run the numbers up on your opponent hitting them for silly amounts of damage.

[[Wee Dragonauts]] provides a safer body to play early on that doesn't just get shocked right away. It also racks up attack power really quick when you get later into the game.

[[Dreadhorde Arcanist]] is a really fun card to play around with, it gives you some really powerful turns when combined with the [[Beamsplitter Mage]]. [[Dreadhorde Arcanist]] is a really good target for [[Stealth Mission]] because it allows the wizard to always recast spells from the grave, and those spells do count as you casting them so they work with [[Beamsplitter Mage]] and [[Adeliz, the Cinder Wind]] abilities'. 

The copy created from [[Expansion // Explosion]] does not trigger [[Beamsplitter Mage]]'s ability but in games where the mage is hiding in your deck somewhere [[Expansion // Explosion]] does provide a large amount of utility. Copying a [[Wizard's Lightning]] to remove one big guy or two smaller ones can sometimes get you out of a pinch. And if you have an excess of land then the draw from explosion is always helpful.

[[Infuriate]] and [[Run Amok]] are just raw stats, [[Run Amok]] also has the added benefit of giving trample to [[Beamsplitter Mage]] but be wary, [[Run Amok]] does not work alone with [[Dreadhorde Arcanist]] so don't keep just those two spells in your starting hand.

[[Stealth Mission]] guarantees damage, which is really important in a deck like this where you only get one or two really good chances to close the game out.

Overall Beamsplitter Wizards is a good deck that can pop off, and when it does it feels great. On the games where you don't hit draws it will feel rough to play due to the lack in options to play from behind. This deck can sometimes aggro with the best and has the added benefit of being a themed deck!

Good luck and keep casting gamers!

About SonzeySpace

-The Mad Lad

I will be off the grid from AUG 19 2019 to SEP 12 2019 good luck out there Gamers! Remember to enjoy life!

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