Arena Standard - Azorius Airforce

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Good evening Magic Muppets! Second night in a row and I get to post a deck that I have seen a lot of videos on lately, namely from AliasV and AlwaysBoltTheBird: Azorius Flyers. Except I am renaming it Azorius Airforce and my tweak has some interesting additions as well as some typical flyers one would see in an aggro-like deck. The point is that every creature has flying and it can get annoying as hell for opponents!

DIGGING IN! [[Siren Stormtamer]] gives us a one-drop flyer/counter, always good against basically anyting that targets us while [[Healer's Hawk]] has the lifelink capability. [[Grateful Apparition]] is the first "card that makes you go hmmm" and as we shall see, it actually plays well into a few of our plays. Is it enough to warrant inclusion? I think so. [[Favorable Winds]] beefs up our flyers as does [[Empyrean Eagle]]. [[Unbreakable Formation]] is one card that I saw Alias playing and it fits very well in this build; in fact, it is this card that the Apparition plays into the most as well as [[Teferi, Time Raveler]] (who is in there for card draw and disruption). [[Absorb]] gives us a counter and lifegain while [[Warden of Evos Isle]] makes our flyers cheaper (an idea from ABTB) and gives us another flyer. [[Elite Guardmage]] gives us lifegain as well as card draw. I thought about running [[Shalai, Voice of Plenty]] in this spot and I could very well do so, have to play around with it some more. Sideboard is a bit scattershot but playable: [[Negate]] for Mono R and Esper builds, [[Deploy]] for tapping and giving us mroe flyers, [[Deputy of Detention]] for removal, [[Dovin, Grand Arbiter]] for more flyers, and [[Cleansing Nova]] for when there are just too many creatures to deal with and I have to poof them all.

ADVANTAGES: 1) Given that flyers are definitely some of the most flexible creatures in the game, this deck is loaded with them 2) This deck has some flexibility and synergy when the cards fall correctly and 3) It is fun to play.

DISADVANTAGES: 1) Card draw is somewhat limited despite this deck being U/W 2) Removal hoses us and 3) Removal hoses us

Overall, I think this deck has the potential to go places with the amount of creatures we can put down and the counters to keep bad stuff at bay. Originally I ran [[Dovin's Veto]] but found that it was not very useful in a maindeck (though I might replace Negate with it, we shall see!). Until next time, may all your spells hit the board and may your draws be God-like! Good hunting!


About Risendragon

Married father of two, middle school history/English teacher with a passion for games.

TWITTER: @RisendragonGame

YOUTUBE: Risendragon Games Gaming


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Last Updated: 12 Jul 2019
Created: 12 Jul 2019
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