Arena Standard - March of the Goblins

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These goblins have either enter the battlefield effects or effects that power up other goblins. and with [[mirror march]] we can exploit this, making many copies of these goblins. 

Part 1. Enter the battlefield

{{Wily Goblin}} {{Siege-Gang Commander}}

These goblins have great enter the battlefield effects that if multiplied with [[mirror march]] will get out of hand quickly. Whether thats making a lot of mana or a lot of tokens.

Part 2. Goblin Support

{{Goblin Trashmaster}} {{Goblin Warchief}}

These cards power up your goblins or make them cheaper and that is helpful, especially when copied, and if copied they can power up the copies in the case of [[Goblin Trashmaster]]

Part 3. Skirk Prospector

{{Skirk Prospector}} {{Goblin Ringleader}}

[[Skirk Prospector]] allows you to turn your mirror march tokens into mana rather than have them simply die. [[Goblin Ringleader]] lets you fill your hand with goblins if you get lucky with mirror march!


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Last Updated: 13 Jul 2019
Created: 30 Jun 2019
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