Historic - Graveyard Toolkit (70 cards)

2 2 32 28
22 20 0 28
Control Jank
Main 70 cards (31 distinct)
Creature (22)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (20)
Land (28)
Side 9 cards (3 distinct)

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2 3
2 4
1 3
Missing Sideboard
2 3
Missing Rare cards:8

This jank Graveyard Toolkit deck is centered around [[Journey to Eternity]]. A great number of our cards are just dedicated to helping us go off with Journey, and then we play a lot of one-off creature cards as our toolkit.

Why 70 cards? The short answer is because we are strangely MORE CONSISTENT with this particular strategy and this particular deck archetype when we have more cards. We get punished for it less because our graveyard becomes an extension of our hand and it grows very big very quick, we can tutor out specific toolkit creature we need with [[Prime Speaker Vannifar]], and we really don't want to draw our silver bullet toolkit creatures in hand when they aren't needed, so running more cards avoids that problem, too.

Check out the deck guide video for more of an explanation of how this all works.

Notes: the land base here is designed for the hand smoothing algorithm in best-of-one MTGA. In paper I substitue out basic forests and swamps to run 4x Woodland Cemetry and 4x Overgrown Tomb and also add in an additional basic swamp. In MTGA, however, it's nice to run more basics for the [[Evolving Wilds]] and [[Crucible of Worlds]] combo, and the hand smoothing algorithm isn't as punishing on our ability to mana fix when we do this as actual paper can be. And we need an additional land in paper because we need slightly more than the normal ratio of 40% land since we have more cards overall which creates more variance - we'd rather flood out in this deck than underdraw lands.


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Last Updated: 31 Jan 2020
Created: 14 Jun 2019
140 30 0

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