Commander - Chandra Tribal

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Commander 1 cards (1 distinct)
Main 99 cards (79 distinct)
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Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (30)
Planeswalker (18)
Land (36)
Maybeboard 14 cards (14 distinct)

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The previous iteration of this deck is completely full on Chandra deck. It ran cards like [[Chandra's Fury]] and even [[Inferno Jet]], cards which were rather unplayable in a Multiplayer game. Sometimes it kinda feel stale when the game does not go your way (which is much more often than not), and playing Chandra without the means of protecting her feels kind of stupid. This deck list serve as an attempt to make the Chandra Tribal slighly more competitive and consistent to play with in an EDH format. It is however, not competitive enough to be brought into games that are won in 2/3 turns.

Regarding the Wheel

[[Wheel of Fortune]] is way to expensive to casually play, unless your opponents allow for proxies then maybe stick to [[Magus of the Wheel]] (Magus of the Wheel helps with Nykthos too). [[Wheel of Fate]] can also be played, but is probably harder to control and may not be cast in an ideal situation.

Regarding the Moon

[[Blood Moon]] is too good to not play in a mono red EDH deck. However, it does have a LOT of salt once it arrives on the battlefield. So before every game, probably ask your opponents if they are ok with you playing Blood Moon. If they are not, ask them if it is ok playing [[Magus of the Moon]]. If they still aren't, then consider playing another 3 drop or sneak in a powerful artifact instead.

Regarding [[Cloudstone Curio]]

Right now, this particular artifact opens up an infinite combo that revolves around Koth and any Chandra that is capable of shooting the face (which is most of them). It is one of the more powerful game ender, especially if you managed to sneak in the combo properly. However, it is all but just a card and is dependent on the amount of Mountains you have, maybe if Magus of the Moon are not ok with your opponents, you can consider putting it as your 3 drop. This artifact is however, is going to be a major consideration to play when Modern Horizons came around due to [[Planebound Accomplice]].

Modern Horizons Update (ver 1.2.1):

-Added [[Sword of Truth and Justice]] to Maybeboard. Reason being, proliferate. But requires testing and not recommended due to lack of creatures to equip in the first place. [[Contagion Engine]] may still be the better card.

-Added [[Aria of Flame]] to Maybeboard. Potentially better than [[Sulfuric Vortex]], but giving each opponent 10 life in a non-storm deck is very disadvantageous.

-Added [[Force of Rage]] to Maybeboard. Thinking of using it more defensively to protect the planeswalker rather than offensively.

-Added [[Magmatic Sinkhole]] to Maybeboard. Potentially better than [[Chandra's Triumph]] as a Planeswalker removal.

-Added [[Planebound Accomplice]] and [[Cloudstone Curio]] to Mainboard. Removed [[Guttersnipe]] and [[Increasing Vengeance]]. It's just so good in a Planeswalker deck. Also, combo with Cloudstone Curio, [[Chandra, Torch of Defiance]], and [[Chandra, Bold Pyromancer]]. Kinda feel that Guttersnipe does not provide enough support for Chandra instead, it pressures other players to attack you instead, Increasing Vengeance ended up as a dead card most of the time.

-Added [[Seasoned Pyromancer]] to Mainboard. Removed [[Beacon of Destruction]]. Beacon of Destruction is a powerful burn. However, 5 mana is used mostly to cast Planeswalkers in the first place making it hard to determine when is the right time to cast the Beacon. Seasoned Pyromancer allows protection with 1/1s and can even do something in the graveyard, it is in overall just the better card.

Core Set 2020 Update (ver 1.3.1):

-Removed [[Staff of Nin]] from Mainboard, added [[Howling Mine]]. Staff of Nin, more often than not, has a mana cost that is too high to be played consistently in a Planeswalker based deck. 

-Added 3 New Chandra into the deck! [[Chandra, Novice Pyromancer]], [[Chandra, Acolyte of Flame]], and [[Chandra, Awakened Inferno]]. Removed [[Jaya Ballard]], [[Rowan Kenrith]] and [[Curse of Bloodletting]]. The new Awakened Inferno provides us with some sort of a winning condition. Caution, however that it will draw quite a lot of hate if this card hits the board.

-Removed [[The Chain Veil]] from Mainboard and added to Maybeboard. Added [[Chandra's Regulator]] to mainboard. I feel like Regulator provides much more utility and does what Chain Veil is meant to do with much less cost. Required further testing.

-Added [[Repeated Reveberation]] to Maybeboard. A card meant to cause chaos once cast. If used in the perfect moment, it will win games.

Core Set 2020 Re-assessment Update (ver 1.3.2)

-Added [[Chandra's Embercat]] to mainboard. Removed [[Sulfuric Vortex]]. Sulfuric Vortex feels rather off, considering it has nothing to do with Chandra and that it is a 3 mana enchantment that does not add anything to protect the Planeswalkers. Though, I have to admit, gotta miss that 2 damage every turn.

-Added [[Chandra, Flame's Fury]] to mainboard. Removed [[Red Sun's Zenith]]. Red Sun is probably the weakest Zenith among all other Zeniths. Wouldn't mind trading it for another Chandra, because I have to do the deck justice.

-Added [[Chandra's Spitfire]] to mainboard. Moved [[Banefire]] to maybeboard. Chandra's Spitfire provides a presence on the board, threatening the opponent with massive damage if provoked. I need to reassess the functionality of X spells as well because it does not add any value into protecting Planeswalkers. It does however help end the game when it comes to a 1v1 situation.

Throne of Eldraine Update (ver 1.4)

The main goal of this patch is to re-assess the need of board control. It becomes imperative to control the amount of attackers on the board to protect your Planeswalkers. I'm adding in more creatures and creature-based board wipes as additional protection for my Chandras.

-Removed the following X spells due to its lack in consistencies. Removed [[Electrodominance]], [[Comet Storm]], [[Jaya's Immolating Inferno]].

-Added more creature based boardwipes. Added [[Blasphemous Act]] to mainboard. Added [[Starstorm]] to mainboard.

-Removed [[Heart of Ramos]] it's a hard card to find and I don't think it's worth playing. Removed [[Primal Amulet // Primal Wellspring]], considering the small amount of Instant and Sorceries being played. Added [[Obliterate]] to Mainboard, it clears the board and land while protecting your Planeswalker, do ask your playgroup first if you are allowed to play this because it can get a little salty. Added [[Torbran, Thane of Red Fell]] to Mainboard, because he is a good body and he add value to Chandra.

-Added [[Irencrag Feat]] to Maybeboard. Perhaps if a high impact 7 mana permanent is going to be played in the deck, should consider adding this into the deck.

-Removed [[Runaway Steam-Kin]], the card just doesn't work in a big red deck. Added [[Fires of Invention]] to Mainboard instead, main reason is... Have you seen Jeskai Fires in Standard???

-Removed [[Dictate of the Twin Gods]] just to reduce the curve lower a bit. Added [[Soul-Scar Mage]] to Mainboard for creature control and it blocks.

-Added [[Gamble]] to Mainboard. Strong card in general. Helps you find the much needed Ensnaring Bridge or Cloudstone Curio.

-Removed [[Abrade]] from Mainboard, added to Maybeboard. I still need to re-assess the usefulness of Abrade, because most of the time you will be using it as an artifact removal, but you have Vandalblast and Fiery Confluence for that.

-Added [[Staff of Nin]] to Mainboard. The reason I removed this last time was because of its high mana cost. However, Fires of Invention opens up the opportunity to play this card. I just love Fires of Invention.

Minor Update (ver 1.4.2)

-Added [[Dockside Extortionist]] to Mainboard. This is a very good card in general. Not only that it is a body to block for Chandra, it also acts as a ramp with mana that can be stored over phases and turns. Removed [[Vessel of Volatility]]. Not that Vessel is a bad card, I just think that Dockside is in general better.

-Added [[Arcane Signet]], a universal EDH mana rock? Yep, gonna add that in. Removed one mountain for the mana rock.

Theros Beyond Death Update (ver 1.5)

-Added [[Underworld Breach]] to Mainboard. Escape is somewhat a cool mechanic from the new Theros set. Many times I feel that the graveyard for this deck becomes under-utilised in many ways. Usually things that goes to the graveyard ended up remaining there until exiled. I think that this new enchantment is a great addition to the deck.

-Removed [[Young Pyromancer]] from Mainboard. Young Pyro lacks synergy. I noticed that it cannot consistently produce enough elementals at the required moment due to the lack of Instant and Sorceries.

-Added [[Ox of Agonas]] to maybeboard. It is a good card in the sense that it can act as a blocker for Chandra, and the escape mechanic allows the deck to utilise the graveyard. However, there doesn't seem to be any card worth removing for this as of now (Considering Magus of the Wheel). 

Theros Beyond Death Additional Update (ver 1.5.2)

-Removed [[Underworld Breach]] from Mainboard. I kinda missed the text that requires me to sacrifice the enchantment at the end of my turn. I am currently unsure if this enchantment is worth playing. It might be able to fill in missing pieces for combos that was lost earlier in the game. Moved it to Maybeboard.

-Added [[Treasure Nabber]] to mainboard. Didn't know this card exist. It's a body to block, and it is such a good evil card, I think it deserve a spot in my deck. Deterrence for players that like to play combos that revolves around artifacts (referring to Isochron Scepter shenanigans).

-Added [[Nyx Lotus]] to mainboard. I think this is a fairly good mana rock for a mono colored deck that revolves around permanents. Removed a mountain.

-Added [[Ugin, the Spirit Dragon]] to mainboard. Removed [[Fall of the Titans]]. X spells are not ideal the more I play with the deck. I think it's way better to build up a good board and protect your planeswalkers with creatures and spells that clears the board while not harming the planeswalkers. While Ugin clears the board entirely, it usually leaves a threat to the board because he will be around. He also helps deal with [[Fires of Invention]] when it is no longer needed. and it's Ugin... yea.

-Added [[Extraplanar Lens]] to mainboard, removed a mountain. This might be an overkill and unecessary, but I would try to run it in my next few games to see how it goes.

I've been considering the need of hand cycling and graveyard manipulation instead of using cards like Howling Mine and Temple Bell to draw more cards. So the following cards are in consideration:

[[Ox of Agonas]], [[Charmbreaker Devil]], [[Faithless Looting]], and as I said [[Underworld Breach]]. However, a lot of playtesting is needed and I am not sure which cards are worth changing should I be going this route. Squee and Phoenixes are also worth considering since they can be blockers and fuel to draw cards.

March 2020 Assessment Update (ver 1.5.3)

-As suggested by quite a number of friends as well as considering the current state of Standard, knowing how powerful the Cavaliers are, added [[Cavalier of Flame]] to the mainboard. Considered [[Ox of Agonas]] but for its cost, in a mono red, Cavalier provides much more value compared to the Ox. Removed [[Exquisite Firecraft]] from mainboard. Card is too casual and weak in EDH.

The following are updates regarding the landbase which I believe lacks interaction with the board state. Could be improved so much!

-Removed [[Mirrorpool]] from Mainboard. The deck has a significant reduction in number of instant and sorceries, the card sees less play over time. Added [[Blast Zone]] to Mainboard. Blast Zone acts as a mass removal which is greatly needed in this deck. Furthermore, it can remove enchantments which Red is desperately lacking.

-Added Cycling lands into mainboard. Sacrificing a little speed for options in the late game feels very important now. These 3 cards would potentially serves better than just a mountain. Added [[Desert of the Fervent]], [[Forgotten Cave]], [[Smoldering Crater]].

-Added [[Scavenger Grounds]] into the mainboard. Interacting with the opponent's graveyard is imperative here, many combos can be done by interacting with the graveyard especially in Black decks. Always feel a little helpless once an enemy's graveyard starts to fill up. Need a change. Removed a mountain.

-Added [[Kher Keep]] to mainboard. Wow, didn't know this card exists. It's a blocker spawner, I need it. Removed [[Magus of the Moon]]. Blood Moon effect honestly bring nothing but pain for the opponent, it does not add any value to the deck. 

-Added [[Mikokoro, Center of the Sea]] to mainboard. Removed [[Howling Mine]]. This card offers much more control compared to Howling Mine. 

-Added [[Sea Gate's Wreckage]] to mainboard. Card draw is important in a deck that most likely to deplete its hand. Furthermore, there are more cards now that provides colorless mana which means that this land can be activated more consistently. Removed a mountain.

-Added [[Myriad Landscape]] to mainboard. This card is a little underrated. I didn't really enjoy playing this card because it is very slow, but I think being slow is fine in EDH, it means you won't get targetted as much. Removed a mountain.

-Added [[Dust Bowl]] to mainboard. Land removal, yes! Removed a mountain.


Ikoria and C20 Update ver (1.5.4)

I saw Ikoria... and I figured that there wasn't much card that affects a mono colored deck like this. I do think that it plays a huge role in Multi-colored EDH. However, I would focus more on C20 cards which is obviously... designed for EDH.

-Removed [[Fires of Invention]]. Wow... really? Yes. Fires is good, for 2 turns at most. Then, you will start to lose gas as a mono red and wish that you have an enchantment removal which clearly is non-existent in the color. Added [[Lavabrink Floodgates]]. Now this, is an EDH card. It's an interesting card because it acts as a decent mana rock (it's like a mini Thran Dynamo). But most importantly, it can be used as a board wipe and a politic tool.

-Added [[Deflecting Swat]] to Maybeboard. While I believe that the blue version of this is incredibly strong, I am not too convinced with this card. Perhaps it could be powerful to counter specific abilities such as... one from [[Aetherflux Reservoir]].

-Added [[Subterranean Tremors]] to Mainboard. As I had mentioned previously, a board wipe that targets only creature is very much needed in this deck. I found out this card to exist while browsing through the card auction and immediately want to put it in. It is however, an X spell... So we have to see how effective it can be.

-Removed [[Pyromancer's Goggles]]. This is honestly hard for me because it is against flavor. But I found the card stuck in my hand unable to find play most of the time. It also draws a lot of hate.


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Last Updated: 14 May 2020
Created: 05 Jun 2019
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