Arena Standard - Gloop Troop

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Report to the Gloop Troop and we'll always sacrifice our friends... It's a messed up group what can I say.

The Overview

{{Biogenic Ooze}} {{Arcane Adaptation}} {{Izoni, Thousand-Eyed}}

The decks goal is to get [[Biogenic Ooze]] and [[Arcane Adaptation]] out at the same time with a bunch of tokens that we produce along the way with cards like [[Izoni, Thousand-Eyed]]. By naming ooze with [[Arcane Adaptation]] we let [[Biogenic Ooze]] put +1/+1 counters on all of our creatures, then we attack... and pray the opponent doesn't have a board clear. This is not the most sturdy strategy and is extremly gimicy so expect to lose quite a bit, but I think its fun!

The Break Down

Part 1: Prime Speaker Vannifar

{{Prime Speaker Vannifar}}

[[Prime Speaker]] is calling everyone to come on and join the fun. She lets us get the creature pieces to our very flimsy combo by sacrificing incrementally higher costing creatures. Vannifar is also perfect for putting creatures in the graveyard for [[Izoni, Thousand-Eyed]] so she produces lots insect tokens (soon to be ooze insects, I cannot think of anything worse than that). In addition Vannifar is an ooze pre-Arcane Adaptation so she can work with biogenic ooze all on her own.

Part 2: The Lambs to the Slaughter

{{Orzhov Enforcer}} {{Herald of the Dreadhorde}} {{Deathbloom Thallid}}

So vannifar needs creatures to sacrifice to bring out our big hitters, so lets just make some tokens as we work toward [[Biogenic Ooze]]. [[Orzhov Enforcer]], [[Herald of the Dreadhorde]], and [[Deathbloom Thallid]] all make a token when they die which will be very useful when we eventually get our two primary pieces out and the best part is that they are each 1 CMC higher than the last. It's like a really twisted game of hopscotch. [[Stitcher's Supplier]] does not make a token but does put cards in the graveyard for Izoni. and [[Mesmerizing Benthid]] not only makes tokens but can be also be used by Vannifar to bring out either Izoni or [[Muldrotha, the Gravetide]].

Part 3: Tips and Tricks

{{Muldrotha, the Gravetide}} {{Mesmerizing Benthid}}

Muldrotha is the safety net and acclerator for the deck, it allows you to replay the cards that you need from the graveyard if they get destroyed like [[Biogenic Ooze]] or [[Arcane Adaptation]]. While also letting you bring back cards to be sacrificed to [[Prime Speaker Vannifar]] to pull more cards out of your deck.

If you manage to get a second [[Arcane Adaptation]] in your hand and mana to spare (then you're better with this deck than me) and you should name illusion as the next creature type to make [[Mesmerizing Benthid]] always have hexproof.

Feed Back

I am very bad at picking cards for a sideboard (and a mainboard if were being fair) and would appreciate any suggestions in that department, and if you think a card would go well in this deck leave a comment.

I hope you're always number one with your horde of oozes!









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Last Updated: 02 Jun 2019
Created: 02 Jun 2019
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