MTGA Events - Bird Poop [PAUPER] Starskream

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Pretty straightforward White Weenie deck, with a focus on the little bird flyers. 

Just a couple tips:

  • Use your instants as combat bait. Dont waste them just to do a couple more damage, unless it's lethal.
  • Vs RDW, wait until theyre mostly tapped out before applying enchantments. Otherwise, they'll bolt your bird before the enchantment sticks. I recommend enchanting Rustwing or Screecher instead of Healers Hawk vs RWD as well, as it makes them way harder to kill for burn.
  • Vs Dimir, dont put all your enchantment eggs in one basket. The current popular list has tons of bounce cards, which will eliminate your enchantments.
  • Adamant Will does not save you from Ob Nix Cruelty.

Good luck everyone! If this list helped, please leave a comment and give the list a like!




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Just added gameplay footage and tips video :)
I believe this deck is superior to the Rats deck I posted earlier.
Last Updated: 02 Jun 2019
Created: 01 Jun 2019
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