Commander - Karona, True God of Mischief

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Karona, True God of Mischief

Are things in your play group too predictable, too stale, too effiecent... boring, am I right! Instead lets just jumble everything on the board and strike up crazy deals with our opponents, lets cause some chaos! Just remember that the best way to play this deck is to simply have fun with it, don't worry to much about winning (you probably wont by the way).

Karona, False God

{{Karona, False God}} {{Stolen Identity}} {{Assault Suit}}

The first step to chaos is [[Karona, False God]] who will switch from one players control to another as the game goes on. Karona in combination with [[stolen identity]], lets people create tokens of whatever they feel like which will spiral out of control quickly. Equiping Karona with the [[Assault Suit]] prevents Karona from attacking you. And Equiping Karona with [[dowsing dagger]] gives many more oppertunities for it to flip.

Sharing is Caring

{{Puca's Mischief}} {{Conjured Currency}} {{Scrambleverse}}

Step two is to begin switching cards around the field.

Cards like [[Role Reversal]] and [[Puca's Mischief]] allow you to be the ring leader of the chaos.

while [[Avarice Totem]], [[Phyrexian Infiltrator]], and [[Conjured Currency]] allow your opponents to get in the fun of swapping cards.

Also the jinxed cards like [[Jinxed Choker]] and [[Avarice Amulet]] will be bouncing around the table all on thier own.

And [[Perplexing Chimera]] lets you switch control of it with any spell, even instants and sorceries!

Cards such as [[Order of Succession]], [[Reins of Power]] and [[Aminatou, The Fateshifter]] can shift the entire board around, crazy right!

And the king of them all [[Scrambleverse]] which will trade control of everything around the board at random!

Politics at the Table

{{Sylvan Offering}} {{Split Decision}}

Step Three are the cards that allow us to have fun bargaining with our opponents, this will make the politcs of the game go out of control.

[[Sylvan Offering]], [[Benevolent Offering]], the other offerings cards give bonuses to target opponents that offer you the best deal

While [[Split Decision]], [[Plea for Power]], and other will of the council cards lead to fun voting politics. [[Grudge Keeper]] lets us streer the voting. 

Take What You Want

{{Slave of Bolas}} {{Roil Elemental}}

Step four is to take control of permenants that would either A. let them win, B. stop the fun your having, or C. Could let you pull out a win!

Cards like [[Simic manipulator]], [[Roil Elemental]] and [[Slave of Bolas]] let you steal cards rather than exchange, and [[Tezzeret, Master of Metal]] lets you take a players entire field.

Stayin' Alive

{{Norn's Annex}} {{Propaganda}}

Step four is to keep your opponents from killing you out of frustration with cards that make it hard to attack you. The best way I can think of is to make your opponents pay for attacking you with cards like [[Archangel of Tithes]], [[Norn's Annex]], and [[Propaganda]].

Other Cards

{{Zedruu the Greathearted}} {{Emissary of Grudges}}

Some of the fun cards in this deck don't fit into just one or any of these categories.

Like [[Zedruu the Greathearted]] who keeps you alive with life gain and well stocked with lots of fun spells with card draw. 

Another is [[Emissary of Grudges]] who lets us secretly pick another player to redirect one of their spells.

[[Assault Suit]] works great on Karona but another strategy is to steal a creature for a turn with a card like [[Zealous Conscripts]] and attach [[Assault Suit]] to it and it will keep that creature from attacking you and you can pass it around the table!

And special mention goes to [[Expropriate]] which combines both voting and card stealing!

Feed Back

If you have a card that you think would add to the madness of this deck or have a more cost effective allternative to something in the deck please leave a comment!

Have fun messing up all your opponents well crafted strategies by swapping cards!




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Last Updated: 11 Jul 2019
Created: 30 May 2019
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