Arena Standard - Sultai Dreadhorde

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Good afternoon Magic Meddlers! Just a writeup on my lunch break on a deck that I posted last night. First off, AliasV totally rocks and her (Mengucci's actually) Four-Colored Dreadhorde deck looks amazing to play. Problem is, I have never been a huge fan of four-colored decks, too expensive and too unreliable even with all the mana fetching. So I cut out the W mana and simply went Sultai. Now this is a rather interesting take on these decks that incorporate [[Command the Dreadhorde]] to basically resurrect our graveyards and swing in. As you will see, there is some amazing synergy in this deck so let's look!

DECK TIME: [[Paradise Druid]] gives us ramp and a somewhat strong 2/1 hexproof when untapped creature. We have the Explorer's Suite with [[Wildgrowth Walker]], [[Merfolk Branchwalker]], and [[Jadelight Ranger]] to give us lands and gain life and pump up our WW for an even bigger Dreadhorde. [[Cast Down]] for cheap spot removal rounds out our pure two drops. [[Hydroid Krasis]] is an all out finisher and draw engine and life gainer, a must in any U/G build. [[Thief of Sanity]] gives us a flyer and access to our opponent's deck. [[Vraska'a Contempt]] gives us more spot removal and life gain, I prefer this over [[Assassin's Trophy]] due to the Trophy's land fetch ability. [[Tamiyo, Collector of Tales]] fetches stuff for us and fills our graveyard if we do not find said stuff while [[Vraska, Golgari Queen]] gives us an added wincon, spot removal, and a sac/lifegain/card draw engine as well. While the deck is not centered entirely around [[Command the Dreadhorde]], having it in there does not hurt us much either as it is our only 6 drop at two copies. Sideboard gives us options: [[Duress]] against Esper midrange builds and that pesky Thought Erasure, [[Spell Pierce]] is good against aggro/burn builds, [[Return to Nature]] against our enchantment/artifact heavy builds, [[The Elderspell]] for nasty Superfriend builds, and [[Walk the Plank]] in case Cast Down doesn't cut it. Seriously, why is nobody running this card in a Merfolk-light meta? Seriously!?

ADVANTAGES: 1) this deck can beat you in many different ways, 2) it is a beast in Bo3 with all the adjustments we can make in our sideboard, and 3) it has elements of aggro and control and it is not overly difficult to pilot. 

DISADVANTAGES: 1) we are not running counterspells in the mainboard, so against control matchups this deck tends to struggle 2) not a lot of protection for our permanents without [[Lazotep Plating]] and [[Dive Down]] and 3) while we do not need a ton of ramp, we only have two ramp cards, so ideal draws are essential for this deck's success.

Overall, I have been very impressed with this deck. With the adjustments I made in the sideboard, I think it is a fairly solid build. HOpe you enjoy it! May all your spells hit the board and may all your draws be God-like!


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Married father of two, middle school history/English teacher with a passion for games.

TWITTER: @RisendragonGame

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Looks nice and will definitely try it out.
I think there's no reason to not replace Naturalize from the sideboard with Return to Nature though.
Could make a difference in mirror
Last Updated: 28 May 2019
Created: 28 May 2019
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