Arena Standard - Dovin's Block Party

28 13 22
3 30 3 24
  • Deck contains 3 invalid cards for this format: Legion's Landing // Adanto, the First Fort (XLN), Primal Amulet // Primal Wellspring (XLN), Saproling Migration (DOM)
Main 60 cards (18 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (30)
Planeswalker (3)
Creature (3)
Land (24)

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Let's get this Party Started! First you have to invite the guest and with plenty of ways to produce tokens such as [[Planewide Celebration]] and [[Saproling Migration]] that is no problem. After that we can either A. Copy those token producing instants and socercceries using [[Primal Amulet]] and [[God-Eternal Kefnet]], or B. Use [[Divine Visitation]] to turn those weak 1/1's into strudy 4/4's with flying and vigilance. But, preferably you can combine these two to produce legions of angels. All this happens while the host [[Dovin, Grand Arbiter]] produces thopter tokens (or possibly angels) with his -1, finds you cards you need with his -7, and keeps himself alive with his +1.


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Last Updated: 21 May 2019
Created: 21 May 2019
192 26 0

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Color Breakdown
Main/Sideboard Rarity Count
21 2 27 10 0
0 0 0 0 0
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