Arena Standard - Mono R Evolved

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Good evening Magic Meat Popsicles! Like my Fifth Element reference there? You know you do! Anyways, War of the Spark has been just an amazing set to work with so far. I have been very pleased with the amount of creativity going into decks revolving around all the Planeswalkers and all the bombs that War brought us. Haters are gonna hate for sure, but I am really digging this new set. One archetype that I think got a lot better with the new set is Mono R or RDW or whatever you salty salt-spreaders call it. Truth is that it is an archetype for a reason: fast, furious, fun, and hurty. And cheap as well (both monetarily and mana cost). While it is not my favorite deck to grind on (my Mono W build with Gideon and the new Dovin is my current flavor of the week), RDW is nevertheless my go-to for getting quick wins. Problem is, it gets repetitive and boring. So I decided to liven things up and throw some non-typical cards into a Mono R build. Needless to say, the results have been very good and opponents I am sure have been left wondering what the hell [[Expansion]] is doing in a Mono R deck!

DECK TIME: [[Fanatical Firebrand]] and [[Ghitu Lavarunner]] are our one-drop creatures alongside [[Shock]] for our one drop spells. [[Viashino Pyromancer]] is our shock on a stick as it and the Lavarunner open up [[Wizard's Lightning]] as a potent one drop. [[Runaway Steam-Kin]] is perhaps one of the more broken cards in the game with Coffee (aka Experimental Frenzy) coming in a close second. I mean this card is beast, no wonder it is my 3 year old son's favorite. It grows, provides us mana, and grows again. I mean, bomb. Now here is where things get interesting: [[Expansion]]. You can use this card to copy your own instant and sorcery spells or your opponent's. That is what makes this deck somewhat more unique than other Mono R builds. Mono R typically throws its weight around like an 800 lb gorilla, this card can use the opponent's weight against them as well. I have gotten some very interesting plays with this card, [[Saproling Migration]] was one of the more interesting ones, but it is definitely a card that an opponent will not expect from a Mono R build. Plus, one Lava Coil is great, two is even better! Speaking of [[Lava Coil]], it is in there due to the heavy creature builds as of late, even some Esper builds I have seen run creatures. [[Goblin Chainwhirler]], you token stomping gobbo of greatness. A must have in any Mono R build. [[Light Up the Stage]] gives us some card draw via exile while [[Chandra, Fire Artisan]] is a one off planeswalker. I am nervous about putting more than one in this build, but she does do a fantastic job as a finisher and draw filter. Sideboarding, I suck at, not gonna lie. But here goes: [[Electrostatic Field]] to power through more damage, [[Chandra's Pyrohelix]] for the same reason, this might be a good maindeck card in place of Shock, couple it with an [[Expansion]] and oh boy! [[Fountain of Renewal]] because f*** you that's why! I experimented with this maindeck and it was kinda clunky, but it gave us life advantage most times. [[Risk Factor]] is sideboard due to the already advantage-gaining Light Up the Stage, just in case you want more though, it's there.

ADVANTAGES: 1) still super fast RDW deck as always, 2) no one expects an instant or sorcery to be copied with [[Expansion]] and possibly thrown back at them, and 3) it is cheaper than most builds out there (saw a Bant deck going for 616 bucks today, that's almost half a mortgage payment for me!)

DISADVANTAGES: 1) Like any good RDW deck, it can lose steam fast which is why [[Expansion]] is in there, to gain some time and possibly generate advantages, 2) mass removal screws us and 3) [[Expansion]] is somewhat risky in this build.

Overall, this deck has some potential to turn heads, but little else. If you want a true fire RDW deck, look at the current meta, copy and paste, have a nice night. But if you want to lead your opponent off the beaten path, fire this one off. Until next time, may all your draws be God-like and may all your creatures survive a Chainwhirler! Good hunting!


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Last Updated: 08 May 2019
Created: 08 May 2019
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