Creativity aka What just happened?

MTG Arena

6 28 0 24

Mainboard - 58 cards (22 distinct)

1 Angel of Invention
1 Majestic Myriarch
1 Glorybringer
1 Samut, Voice of Dissent
1 Zetalpa, Primal Dawn
1 Torgaar, Famine Incarnate
4 Depths of Desire
3 Spell Swindle
2 Glimmer of Genius
2 Abrade
3 Supreme Will
3 Indomitable Creativity
3 Disallow
1 Sweltering Suns
2 Pirate's Pillage
3 Hornswoggle
2 Blink of an Eye
4 Aether Hub
1 Spirebluff Canal
3 Sulfur Falls
8 Island
8 Mountain

Sideboard - 12 cards (6 distinct)

1 Shalai, Voice of Plenty
2 Jace's Defeat
2 Abrade
1 Disallow
4 Negate
2 Essence Scatter

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Are you a creative person? Do you laugh when your enemies explode into little bits? Are you willing to risk losing, for the potential to win so hard your opponent won't even see it comming and take him from 20+ life to instant death in a single redzone rush? 

This deck is a potential 1 turn kill once it's set up. Setting it up takes pateince and some luck, but chances are your opponent will have no idea whats going on till it's too late.

It can be slow and fragile and you NEVER want creatures in your hand. However I have won games just forcing big stuff to the board and swinging, but thats no fun.

The first step is mana base and survival. You are interacting, bouncing and countering threats as you build up treasure tokens. A big Spell Swindle and you are ready to "go off". You want enough Mana to support the Creativity (6 to 9 for 3-6 creatrures) plus 3-6 Treasure tokens. Of course use the extra tokens as mana as needed but you cant use them for both.

If your opponent has tapped out you all set, I have won games activating for 3 but aim for 4-6 for sure victory.

If you need to play around counters just wait, but there is normally a window where impatient control players will tap out to scarab god and you can "just win".

A few notes for specific cards;

Angel of Invention. Use tokens if yoiu need blockers but lifelink is usual the best choice so make her bigger.

Samut, Voice of Dissent. She is critical for the haste thing. You can Flash her in, during opponents end step, if she is in your hand and then Creativity on your turn.

Torgaar, Famine Incarnate. Putting opponent to 10 life and then swinging to win is good, but consider targeting yourself if RDW took you to 2 while you set up. Whatever you need to win, heck this is about "being creative" right?

Majestic Myriarch. You probobaly have no idea how powerful this card is, this deck is built to show you. 

Shalai, Voice of Plenty. She might have a home in the main deck, but I have never needed her in that capacity and I have never brought this to bo3.

I have a few games without mic on youtube with this deck, but I will put up one with a little more interaction at some point.

The original deck was designed by SuperLadMan. His decks are very fun and quite out of the box, brilliant.

As always feel free to modify, comment, improve or bash. Link to youtube here, to see it go 5-2, sorry no sound but links in description to key moments.

SuperLadMan on youtube gets credit for this deck, small tweaks and bad plays are mine and mine alone.








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Last Updated: 06 Aug 2018
Created: 12 Jul 2018
0 1204

Mana Curve and Color Breakdown
Main/Sideboard Rarity Count
6 16 14 6 0
6 4 2 0 0
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