Arena Standard - Ral's Revenge

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8 24 4 24
Midrange Combo
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Main 60 cards (13 distinct)
Creature (8)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (24)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (4)
Side 15 cards (4 distinct)

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Good morning Magic Mowus! War of the Spark has not disappointed at all! Got in on the 50 for 50 deal (unbeknownst to the wife shhhh), used coin and gems to procure 108 packs of WAR and I could not be more thrilled. Yes, I had to burn some rares and mythics to get [[Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God]] and some other planeswalkers, but I think that overall, this was an excellent haul for me. One card that I came across was [[Invade the City]]. Yeah, very underassuming card and honestly, I am not a huge fan of the amass mechanic, but in this deck, we make it pop alongside [[Ral, Storm Conduit]].

Let's dig in: [[Opt]] for card draw, [[Shock]] for our 2 toughness flyers that steal our stuff, [[Electorstatic Field]] for doing more damage (considering we are running 24 instant and sorceries), and [[Lightning Strike]] for our tougher creatures. Here is where the deck gets somewhat interesting: [[Expansion]]. I love this card. We can copy instants and sorceries or our own and our opponents. Wanna [[Thought Erasure]] me on move two? Cool, I'll do the same to you! The concept of using your opponent's own weight against him/her is just a wonderful tactic. Of course, copying instant and sorcery spells of our own is also a great tactic. [[Ionize]], counters the spell and deals damage, yes please! [[Invade the City]], this is an interesting card. Please note that we are not running many creatures and the ones we are running are very susceptible to removal. That said, copy this one again and again and we can get some nasty big zombie armies (16/16 was my highest yesterday!). [[Guttersnipe]] is a must with all the instants and sorceries we are running. This little shaman has won me many games. [[Ral, Storm Conduit]] has got to be one of the better planeswalkers I have seen in this set (fight me). He can copy our instants and sorceries, deal damage whenever we cast him, and we can filter our draws. Sign me up! Sideboard gives us flexibility: [[Lava Coil]] for bigger/annoying nasties, [[Negate]] for our Teferi builds or aggro R builds, [[Essence Capture]] to beef our limited creature base up (though [[Essence Scatter]] might be better here, play around with it), and [[Beacon Bolt]] for even more removal.

ADVANTAGES: 1) We can deal damage furiously with this deck. 2) it is definitely one that can keep our opponents off balance with the trickery of [[Expansion]] and [[Invade the City]] and [[Ral, Storm Conduit]]. 3) it has flexibility with its spot removal/burn, counterspells, and ability to churn out massive zombie armies and is just an overall fun deck to play with.

DISADVANTAGES: 1) This deck does require time to get out the pieces and as a result, against Mono R builds, it dies fairly quickly 2) getting damage through against control builds is tough (though an [[Expansion]] on an opponent's [[Absorb]] targeting the [[Absorb]] is always fun) and 3) mass removal defeats us outright so we have to hold up counterspells to keep it off the board. You do need to practice with this one to get the right pieces and draws.

Overall, does this deck have the potential to change the Meta? No, absolutely not, it is somewhat clunky. But Good Lord, is it fun to play! Until next time, may all your draws be God-like and may all your spells hit the board! Have fun!


About Risendragon

Married father of two, middle school history/English teacher with a passion for games.

TWITTER: @RisendragonGame

YOUTUBE: Risendragon Games Gaming


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Last Updated: 26 Apr 2019
Created: 26 Apr 2019
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