Arena Standard - Abzan Hero Tokens v1.1

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Credit for this deck tech goes to Ashlizzl who made a variation of my original tokens list on stream. Her list contains one more Hero of Precinct One, one more March of the Multitudes, no Immortal Sun, and a few dual/shock lands, but retains most of the rest of the list contained here.

Version history

v1.1 - Removed 1x Journey to Eternity. Added 1x Hero of Precinct One. Updated guide to include some examples of Pitiless Pontiff versatility.

Hey everyone. Pyro here. This is another variation of my Abzan Tokens list. I made a seperate deck guide because this is a large deviation from my previous list. So I wanted to keep it seperate. This one is more on the combo and meme side of things. While the last deck focused more on getting on-death triggers, this one is more focused on getting stuff on the board faster and there are several ways to do it.

Token Generators:

3x [[Hero of Precinct One]] - All multicolored spells give you a 1/1 Human (or a 4/4 Angel with DV down). We're not short on multicolored spells here.

2x [[Emmara, Soul of the Accord]] - Tapping Emmara gives you a 1/1 Soldier with lifelink (or a 4/4 Angel with DV). This includes tapping Emmara to Convoke March.

4x [[Imperious Oligarch]] - 2/1 with Vigilance and Afterlife 1

4x [[Seraph of the Scales]] - 4/3 with Flying and paying (W) for Vigilance and (B) for Deathtouch. Afterlife 2. Love this card.

2x [[Elenda, the Dusk Rose]] - 1/1 with Lifelink. Gains +1/+1 whenever any creature dies. When she dies, you get X number of 1/1 Vampires with Lifelink where X is Elenda's power. This card combined with Teysa's effect (which will double her +1/+1 counters and amount of tokens she spawns) is a really hilarious meme in this deck. This is especially true if you manage to combine Teysa and Elenda with Divine Visitation.

1x [[Trostani Discordant]] - Gives all of your creatures +1/+1. Creates two 1/1 Soldiers with Lifelink. Gets rid of charm effects such as [[Mass Manipulation]], [[In Bolas's Clutches]], [[The Eldest Reborn]] revives, etc.

2x [[Dawn of Hope]] - Gain card draw whenever you gain life for (2). Pay (3)(W) to make a 1/1 Soldier with Lifelink.

2x [[March of the Multitudes]] - Helps to swarm the board for a late game closer or create some emergency chump blockers that have Lifelink. Convoke lets you tap your creatures for even more tokens.

Token Support:

1x [[Ethereal Absolution]] - +1/+1 to your creatures. -1/-1 to their creatures. (2)(B)(W) to exile a card from your opponent's graveyard. If it was a creature, you get a 1/1 Spirit with Flying.

2x [[Teysa Karlov]] - Doubles your on-death triggers. Gives your tokens Lifelink and Vigilance. Works hilariously with Elenda and Poison-Tip Archer.

2x [[Pitiless Pontiff]] - Superb blocker. Paying (1) and sacrificing a creature gives it Deathtouch and Indestructible allowing it to trade with virtually anything. I would also be remiss to mention that it is a very versatile card for defending your interests on the board... especially since a lot of people tend to just ignore it. Someone getting ready to exile your Seraph with [[Vraska's Contempt]]? Sac the Seraph with Pontiff denying the exile and lifegain while still getting your tokens. Someone trying to -X/-X your Elenda with [[Fungal Infection]] or [[Moment of Craving]]? Sac another creature or two to give Elenda more counters. Someone trying to remove Teysa from the board? Sac one of your Afterlife creatures or a suitably buffed Elenda if you can afford to for double the tokens (and/or double the Poison-Tip Archer pings... and/or double the Elenda counters). Suffice to say, Pontiff allows you a lot more versatility with this deck than you would otherwise have.

2x [[Poison-Tip Archer]] - Punishes board wipes. Deathtouch and Reach allows it to trade with annoying burds. Damage triggers doubled by Teysa.

2x [[Shanna, Sisay's Legacy]] - One of the cards I really wanted to play with and one I ended up cutting from my last list. Shanna gets +1/+1 for every creature you control including herself. Unanswered, she can become a huge tank. She also cannot be targeted by any abilities your opponent controls (main one that comes to mind is Deputy of Detention, but that is an example).

2x [[Divine Visitation]] - After this hits the board, any future tokens you generate will instead become 4/4 Angels with Flying and Vigilance. Memery abound.

1x [[The Immortal Sun]] - Shuts down Planeswalkers. +1/+1 to all your creatures. Extra card on your draw step. There isn't a lot of artifact hate running around. So if this hits the board, especially if your opponent is relying on their Planeswalkers, then you've got a huge advantage.


2x [[Knight of Autumn]] - Mainly for Enchantment hate. Depending on what you're facing, the 4 life or two +1/+1 counters may work better, but Enchantments are its primary use.

1x [[Revival]] - Recursion for creatures that are 3 CMC or less (Hero, Oligarch, Pontiff, Knight, Emmara, Shanna). The Revenge side of this card can be a massive lifesaver against stuff like aggro and burn.

War of the Spark potential cards:

There are quite a few cards I'm looking at from WAR that may make good replacements in this deck. Ones that come to mind are: [[Finale of Glory]], [[God-Eternal Oketra]], [[God-Eternal Bontu]], and [[Pledge of Unity]].



Last Updated: 18 Apr 2019
Created: 10 Apr 2019
890 151 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (25 distinct)

Creature (26)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (9)
Land (25)
Main/Sideboard Rarity Count
4 6 33 12 0
0 0 0 0 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (25 distinct)

2 Elenda, the Dusk Rose
2 Shanna, Sisay's Legacy
2 Poison-Tip Archer
2 Knight of Autumn
1 Trostani Discordant
2 Emmara, Soul of the Accord
3 Hero of Precinct One
4 Imperious Oligarch
4 Seraph of the Scales
2 Pitiless Pontiff
2 Teysa Karlov
1 The Immortal Sun
2 March of the Multitudes
2 Divine Visitation
2 Dawn of Hope
1 Ethereal Absolution
1 Revival // Revenge
2 Sunpetal Grove
4 Plains
1 Swamp
4 Isolated Chapel
3 Woodland Cemetery
3 Overgrown Tomb
4 Temple Garden
4 Godless Shrine

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