MTGA Events - Nezahal's Sun Control Bo1

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Just got Platinum (29/1-19) with this deck just 8 hours before season reset (time bug confirmed, its now 33 hours left of season 1 day later). Started the race a bit to late so Diamond is out of the question now, but I'm pleased :).

So, the goal is to make a versatile deck that stand a chance against most.

Hand control is extra strong vs control and I believe there's inough tools againt aggro to survive early game and take over. To much board control might set you up for a hand full of crap vs control.
And do not replace [[Moment of Craving]] for [[Cast Down]] or anything else. They are so crucial in this deck. Against white (or Boros) aggro you'll need them for [[Adanto Vanguard]], and with the life gain it often makes all the differance when trying to survive vs RDW as well.

A resolved [[The Immortal Sun]] is always crazy good, with the discount and extra draw it sets u in a sweet spot, and of course makes lives hard for any planeswalker :). [[Murmuring Mystic]] loves the +1/+1, hence he's a solid extra win con.

This deck has proven really good. I'm convinced I could reach Mythic with it, when I was in gold 4 from casual playing, I made the run to plat in less then a day, starting out with 9 straight wins. Had a bit of a rough patch in gold 1 before winning 5 straight games to rank up. There's always room for tuning a deck and the meta slightly changes all the time, and atm Allegiance hasn't relly settled in yet, so we'll see how valid this deck will be next season. Might even be stronger, haven't checked out the new set for real yet. Will be rank drafting it from Feb 1 to get cards. I like to use gems to farm gold through Constructed event playing a deck I like!!! NO RDW :) (along with quests of course), then using ALL gold to draft. I believe it to be a gudd formula. But then I've always loved limited (especially draft) and I usually go really well in them. So I guess this tactic is solid if u can handle draft (or if u want to get good at drafting, we all start somewhere).

There is a big differance from MTGA drafts and paper drafts. In MTGA u only draft vs AI (still play vs real opp of course) and that means u might see some patterns, but a lot feels random in the picks. When u paper draft, to be successful, u quickly need to get a feel for what colors the people around u are picking, and this is especially important in the first and last booster pack since those boosters are passed in the same direction meaning the same players are picking before u. Being alert in the second booster might help u doing some good hate drafting in the last pack, denying some good cards.
When u draft with people u often draft with u can also start to learn what people prefer or are inclined to do. Many go for comfort and try to pick the same colors in the certain set u are playing and that is easy to use to your advantage. :)
Ok, this turned out to be a mini bonus drafting guide, hope it was interesting, and let me know if you have any thought on anything here.



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Last Updated: 31 Jan 2019
Created: 29 Dec 2018
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Mainboard - 60 cards (23 distinct)

Creature (3)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (32)
Land (25)

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