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This deck is my "go to" deck. I have always been a huge fan of White/Black Lifelink decks and this is one of my favorites - albeit not quite completed due to RNG for card pulls. It is still probably one of my best decks.

So let us begin the deck breakdown.

The core focus of this deck is to gain a lot of Life to take some hits - if need be - and to overwhelm your opponent with a pantheon of creatures.

Now [[Ajani's Welcome]] is an excellent card to allow this deck to strive. Which is even better if we have multiple of them in play. It will allow us to gain life based on how many creatures come into play. It is great when pared with sorcery cards like [[Call to the Feast]], and [[Sworn Companions]]. As well as Creatures like [[Hunted Witness]], [[Leonin Warleader]], [[Paladin of the Bloodstained]], and [[Haazda Marshal]] - if we manage to attack with 2 other creatures alongside it - to help increase our Life.



Now onto cards that synergize together.

{{Ajani's Welcome}}

Is the focus of this deck - working even better with multiple of them in play.

{{Legion's Landing}}

This card is excellent for triggering [[Ajani's Welcome]] - especially if you transform it. You basically get a guaranteed turn-by-turn creature.


{{Ajani's Pridemate}}

This card is superb and truly fourishes off of the ability from [[Ajani's Welcome]]. The more health gained the stronger [[Ajani's Pridemate]] gets, the more damage you can devastate your opponent with.

{{Elenda, the Dusk Rose}}

Because this deck is full of 1/1 tokens and low toughness creatures this card is excellent. Throw them into the fray like pawns on a chess board and watch as [[Elenda, the Dusk Rose]]'s Power and Toughness start to climb. Once this card is destroyed - eventually - watch as your hard work in nurturing it via it's ability starts to trigger numerous of [[Ajani's Welcome]]'s effects.

{{Resplendent Angel}}

Now this card works great in this deck and is very synergetic with [[Ajani's Welcome]]. The effect of this card kind of explains it all. It will inevitably cause a chain reaction of sorts. Especially if you use your token creation cards and lifelink cards turn after turn. Your Life will increase exponentially if utilized correctly.


Now onto some utility.

First off we have [[Murder]] which outright destroys creatures that are in our way. Then we have [[Nightmare's Thirst]] which damages creatures depending on how much life we've gained this turn.

Now for the two best cards in this deck - as far as shutting down opponent creatures goes.


{{Tetzimoc, Primal Death}}

This creature's effect is excellent for clearing the opponent's creatures - ideally if they are stone-walling you and you still have some defenses set up. Because it does take some amount of turns to utilize the effect depending on how many creatures you are looking to destroy. If you are in a pinch and without defenses against an insurmountable force of opponent creatures you may wish to use the other of the "powerhouses" of our utility cards.

{{Settle the Wreckage}}

This is our "Break Glass in case of Emergency" card. The effect speaks for itself.


Now to tie this deck into a neat little bow we have cards like [[Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants]], and [[Arvad the Cursed]] to buff Legendary Creatures.


In conclusion I do hope that this deck brings you all the joy and victory that it has and is bringing me. Keep in mind that it is probably going to be tweaked and revised as I obtain better cards. Come on by often and check on this deck for updated revisions.


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Last Updated: 30 Mar 2019
Created: 17 Dec 2018
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