I'm glad you guys like it. (at least most of you :D )
Right now I have added an ixalan's binding temporarily instead of "Invoke the Divine" because it's purpose was to deal with frenzy and an occasional op's ixalans binding (and it wasn't doing a very good job)
When Allegiance hits, I'm going to replace both murder and ixalan's with 2 "Mortify" which should solve the problem.
I'd also like to hear your feedback on how the deck performs against any other archetype in your matches!
I'm enjoying this deck a lot.
Its a good deck, no doubt. But it is so boring to play against.

Its more fun to meet the red aggro deck 10 times in a row than meeting this deck 1 time -_-
Fragile if dawn of hope isn't in your first 20 cards, but it's still cool, can't wait to see how allegiance could improve it. I like also how you've put a caomplete sideboard plan in the description.
I'm glad you like it. :)
this! deck! is! so! much! fun!
I played a lot of angle factory style decks and never was very successfull with it couse heavy control destroyed me and hardcore aggro destroyed me too but i hat a lot of fun with it. This deck however destroyes aggro + Profane Procession wipes away ever dragon/Phoenix blue/red deck couse they never play more than 1 creature per turn and u can just eat them all. I currently had one 7/2 run with it plus im 3/0 into the next one! I had sooo much fun games! Thank You!