I've tried Chemister's, its just too slow against aggro in Bo1. Definitely run it in Bo3 though. Dive Down + Niv is great though, can confirm.
Definitely ran into situations where I lack card draw. Consider putting in Chemisters and Cracklings. Niv-DiveDown package is also super strong.
Had to say I'm currently 39-8 with this deck in Bo1, such a great deck!
Awesome, i just really considered using First Eruption lately as these Black/Red/Blue/White mono is somehow everywhere to me. Maybe it's just negative bias, i cant really figure :-P But for Grixis/Jeskai goes, thats kind of the only match up i really struggle against. But i guess you're right, this is more of a Bo1 kind of deck.

Theres plenty, if you use it properly. Opt, Blink of an eye, Ral & Niv :-D
The deck feels like it needs some card draw outside of Niv. vs some izzet decks it can run out of answers and has no real way to come back if there's no Azcanta
Heya drezzoo! First Eruption I wouldn't really recommend. People don't expect it but sometimes all it does is destroy one of your mountains and nothing else :P. Fiery Cannonade is just better. As for the Bo3 version, its okay... I don't think it will ever be a Tier 1 deck unless the next set brings some new tools for Izzet. Right now it is just really easy to sideboard against, especially for control. We don't get the hand hate or sweepers that Grixis/Jeskai have. Fingers crossed for next set!
Hi CutestHamster, first of all thanks for the fine deck inspiration. Its amazing! =) Its a really fun deck!
I read your updates, do you still find yourself using The First Eruption?
And second, how goes your tests for the Bo3?
Lava Coil and Expansion are great inclusions, I have them in the Bo3 version. I just couldn't decide where to slot them into this deck. Highly recommend people give them a try though.

And people should check out LauraGambler's decks while they are at it.
I like the fiery cannonades on the mainboard, especially in Bo1, but I think the lightning strikes are too weak in the current meta when compared to lava coil, as the latter handles problem creatures such as Shalai, Rekindling and Arclight Phoenix, and Golgari Findbroker with ease and elegance.

I also agree with fazhr, the deck could use a couple Expansion//Explosions on the mainboard.

That's my opinion, though - the deck is flexible enough to work either way :)
Went 7-0 with the list thanks for sharing!
Made a few changes
-1 Niv-Mizzet -1 Essence Scatter
+2 Expansion/Explosion
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