Am I the only one who feels like the 2 damage from Fiery Cannonade is not enough against aggros? Are there any other good alternatives other than splashing white for Settle the Wreckage or Cleansening Nova?
Oh and someone had asked about Detection Tower, I think it can ruin your mana base for getting Niv out on turn 6 or 7. I could see adding Detection Tower if you also make room for Treasure Maps, so you can get the mana buffer from them. I should probably test it out.
@1dolarjoe - Hope you have a lava coil or your own niv. There is an argument for running Ral to deal with Niv or even a beacon bolt or two.

@flatluigi - Ionize is more consistent because of the mana requirements. No surveil synergy and double blue requirement makes it sabotage a bit weaker in my opinion. The chip damage from ionize helps finish games once you can get niv on the board as well.
any thoughts on ionize vs sinister sabotage?
how do you deal if the opponent casts Niv?
Yea the only real way to deal with adanto is to bounce it and counter it. If you are facing a ton of white weenies you might need to put Blink of an Eye back in the deck.
@alexPrzk at that point you just have to pray to stabalize in time, if they have the nuts and you dont have a decent response there isnt much you can do
It's kind of annoying to automatically lose to Adanto Vanguard on turn 2. It's more than half of the match ups I lose.
I can't think of a card that would prevent that too. (except for an early drake)
As much as I love this deck, there's so many white wheenies in the meta right now I think I'd rather play Golgari. :(
@AlexBogard - Thanks for reminding me. The deck gets countered fairly easy in Bo3 (Jeskai just does a better job), but I should give it another go.

@KirxuDusk - Thousand Year Storm is a ton of fun :P
I did a slight redesgin on it as I do not have three niv's just yet, the goblin electromancer and thousand year storm have won me multiple games.
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