Will this be optimised for 60 cards?

Also I find this deck to be very slow to start, as there is nothing to play on turn 1 or even 2 besides Vicious Rumors, which doesn't really do anything in the beginning of the game, and Saproling Migration.
It was losing to a lot of faster decks. I was basically forced to add 4 Llanowar Elves to speed things up.

Also Ritual of Soot was helpful for me - if you have an Poison-Tip Archer out, casting Ritual of Soot is often instant game over for the enemy.
I like my G/B Saproling Deck to have more removal. 4 x Assassin's Trophy are a cheap way to get rid of ANYTHING that's bothering you. I imagine the look on my opponent's face when I execute their Planeswalker or Saga, the only downside to the is they get a basic land on the board. 2 x Path of Discovery will do a few things here. It will give you the card draw you seem to be looking for and pump your saprolings. A Memorial to Folly can also bring back that Tendershoot Dryad they just destroyed.
how to chose the 60 card to mainboard?