Thanks for sharing
i have the full deck, it not good , I'm unable to win (10 games , 2 wins) . The game promo desks are beater.
if you can add some YouTube links to show how to play this deck.
another great lesson in magic. thanks for sharing.
Thank you for this and other great articles. As a semi beginner magic player (playing since 1997 sporadically and casually) it is great to have such good and interesting learning material. I just subbed to your twitch and looking forward to a lot more learning from you. Thanks :)
I've been back and forth on the IZZET control vs the UB control lists. Haven't completely pulled the trigger on either, but have most pieces for both. UB feels strong being able to destroy their creatures instead of having to do X amount of damage like the red removal has. I also preferred ritual of soot over fiery cannonade for my sweeper. Still on the fence. I dont have those white rares yet. May look into grixis and see how that looks.