Arena Standard - Bo1 Grixis (yes, I am an idiot)

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Well, I needed a Bo1 deck for the tournament this upcoming weekend. Tried some aggro, wasn't at all happy with it. So, I figured I'd go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, and, well, here we are. lol. I'm an idiot because I keep trying to make Grixis work, when everyone and their cat knows that "Grixis is Awful." tongue-out

Basically, it's a giant removal pile for the most part. 20 of the 34 non-land cards are removal, including 6 AOE. Almost all of the removal also exiles things, (basically everything that isn't Bedevil) so that you can give a giant middle finger to Lurrus. Both of the AOEs also let you get rid of creatures with Protection from literally anything, or hexproof things. (though obviously big things with Protect: X or Hexproof need Extinction event and not Cry, but that's quibbling). Bedevil also gives you artifact removal. I thought about including Libation to give an answer to in-play enchantments, but there's really no room for something that might not remove what you want if they have more than 1 enchant in play.

Besides removal, there's Thought Erasure for some hand disruption. Honestly, those should maybe should be Agonizing Remorse, to continue with the exile theme, but I wanted the Surveil to help mitigate any potential mana issues, which can happen even though there's 26 lands. On top of that, there's the 3 Disputes, which can be pretty handy. (Already won a match because I disputed a Winota). Since you have removal for literally everything except for enchantments, I'd suggest prioritizing important ones with Erasure. (ECD, Fires, etc.) Secondary target is opposing counterspells, because there's not much capability for getting into counterspell wars, and if they can stop the walkers, you lose.

Atris is our one and only creature, and he's there as pseudo-draw. He can also add in some chip damage, or get in the way of something. In the grand scheme of things, once he hits the table he's gotten most of the benefit you need out of him, so don't be afraid of sacrificing him to protect the actually important cards.

The actually important cards are, of course, the Planeswalkers. Either one of them can win the game single-handedly if you can protect them. Ultimately, the deck's plan is to keep the board clear of any actually dangerous enemy troops until you can drop one of the walkers on the board, preferably with protection (readied dispute, atris in play, etc). Then protect that walker as if your life depends on it. Because, well, it *does*. lol.


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Last Updated: 29 May 2020
Created: 29 May 2020
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Mainboard - 60 cards (20 distinct)

Creature (4)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (24)
Land (26)
Planeswalker (6)

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