Historic - PRE-BANS Lurrus & Lazav's Ego - BO1

32 41 7
10 26 0 24

Work in progress.


Turn 2, 3, 4 - Drop [[Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger]], copy with [[Lazav, the Multifarious]].

Later - Replay Kroxa on the turn you play [[Lurrus of the Dream-Den]], continue to replay Kroxa for 2 mana. Work on discarding their hand and destroying their creatures to fuel your [[Drown in the Loch]].

Bonus - copy Lurrus with Lazav for more Kroxa or some health.

Get to the point where you can keep your mana up for instant spells while playing Kroxa game on the side.

Note on Lazav - his activated ability works obviously at instant speed but you can surprise few opponents who are using damage removal or surprise block them - the ones who don't expect you to copy Kroxa for two mana. You can have Lazav as Kroxa + another Kroxa in play at the same time.

Key Cards

[[Unmoored Ego]]

[[Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger]]

[[Drown in the Loch]]


Get some early info with [[Thought Erasure]]. Mind what you exile since you need cards in their graveyard for [[Drown in the Loch]] - don't exile cards from their graveyard with [[Unmoored Ego]].

Always kill [[Teferi, Time Raveler]] due to the passive ability messing with your interaction.

vs Deck Strategy [[Unmoored Ego]]  [[Fae of Wishes]] 

Spell decks

[[Lutri, the Spellchaser]]


Work on discarding their hand, play smart into their counterspells, don't waste countering those. If they counter Kroxa, they lose a card - if they don't, they still lose one.

Don't care much about any removal effects that you find in enemy's hand, since you can play interaction for the early part of the game and leave Lazav for the late game. It's also fine if they kill Kroxa!

Creatures like [[Rielle, the Everwise]], [[Sprite Dragon]] and creature tokens from second draws can easily be managed.

[[Inspired Ultimatum]]

[[Blitz of the Thunder-Raptor]]

[[The Royal Scions]]


Creature decks


Remove odd or even cost specific targets to get an effective [[Extinction Event]] in. Counter their companion.

People don't play around stuff much - you can have either counter or a board wipe so they kinda just go for it and try to get their companion out as fast as possible. They will suspect counterspells after [[Thought Erasure]] and they will suspect a board wipe if you don't do anything with your mana.

You can definitely use [[Unmoored Ego]] to wipe out multiples of creatures from their hand to get some unmanageable ones or get a better [[Extinction Event]] in, but they will draw replacements for the cards exiled from the hand - as you go through their library, keep an eye out for cards you need to have an answer for. And of course, plan your next [[Unmoored Ego]]

Beware for [[Stonecoil Serpent]]. Your only block for it is [[Fae of Wishes]] and your best answer an [[Extinction Event]] or [[Eat to Extinction]].


Snowball effects



Draw engines


[[Extinction Event]]
[[Ritual of Soot]]

[[Angrath's Rampage]]

[[Mythos of Illuna]]

Creature decks GY and mutate





Mind their mutates. Find exiles for their resurrect targets, especially [[Polukranos, Unchained]] which empties their graveyard. Don't counterspell every mutation, destroy effects are fine - keep counterspells for their essential ETB effects and essentials like planeswalkers, [[Luminous Broodmoth]], [[Fiend Artisan]] and [[Nightmare Shepherd]]. Everything's situational but should be a walk in the park.

[[Eerie Ultimatum]]
[[Auspicious Starrix]]
[[Nethroi, Apex of Death]]
[[Garruk, Cursed Huntsman]]
[[Questing Beast]]
[[Polukranos, Unchained]]
[[End-Raze Forerunners]]

[[Cavalier of Night]]


Cycling decks

Keep up a counter for [[Zenith Flare]].

[[Drown in the Loch]] is very effective against cycling decks. The only danger in those is [[Flourishing Fox]] snowballing.

Against Lurrus mulligan or filter for (mass) removals, in this case, use it on [[Drannith Stinger]] and [[Valiant Rescuer]].

[[Zenith Flare]]

[[Irencrag Pyromancer]]

[[Flourishing Fox]]

[[Extinction Event]]

[[Cry of the Carnarium]]

[[Ritual of Soot]]

Lurrus enchantments

Mind their [[All That Glitters]] and [[Karametra's Blessing]].

Use [[Drown in the Loch]] or a board wipe on their pesky 1- and 2-drops. They always have an [[Alseid of Life's Bounty]] or [[God Bless]] up so mulligan or filter for board wipes.

Keep an eye out for [[Stonecoil Serpent]]. Your only block for it is [[Fae of Wishes]] and your best answer an [[Extinction Event]] or [[Eat to Extinction]].

[[All That Glitters]]

[[Karametra's Blessing]]

[[Stonecoil Serpent]]

[[Extinction Event]]
[[Cry of the Carnarium]] 
[[Ritual of Soot]]


Use Scry lands, [[Opt]] and [[Discovery]] to filter for your [[Extinction Event]] and [[Cry of the Carnarium]]. Single target removal on their highest damage dealers or on the ones that are not in the range of your board wipe. Keep counter or removal up for [[Embercleave]].

[[Cavalcade of Calamity]]

[[Heraldic Banner]]

 [[Erebos's Intervention]]
[[Ritual of Soot]]
[[Cry of the Carnarium]]

Mill decks



The moment they mill you with [[Merfolk Secretkeeper]] or [[Overwhelmed Apprentice]], try to find out if they are mono-blue or Dimir. On this depends which counterspells and planeswalkers you are aiming for with [[Unmoored Ego]].

Don't surveil anything into your graveyard.

Mind their counters and keep an eye out for their replay cards like [[Run Away Together]].

You are completely capable of taking over the game and milling them yourself. Wishboard depends on your gameplan - whether you are going Kroxa way and kill the opponent or steal their things and mill them. If you fetch or steal an Ashiok yourself, keep in mind that your [[Drown in the Loch]] won't work with their empty graveyard.

You might want to use [[Thought Erasure]] or counter [[Ominous Seas]] and [[Drowned Secrets]] due to the lack of enchantment removal.

[[Didn't Say Please]]
[[Thought Collapse]]
[[Ashiok, Dream Render]]

[[Mystical Dispute]]

[[Drown in the Loch]]
[[Ashion, Nightmare Muse]]

[[Ashiok, Dream Render]]

[[Thought Distortion]]

[[Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God]]


Lurrus land destruction

When they drop a Forest with Lurrus - first get rid of their cheaper land destruction and afterwards the [[Casualties of War]]. Mind when they sacrifice their enchantments for wolves - basically the only thing they can replay with Lurrus.

They have [[Cindervines]] up so keep your board wipes efficient. Survive and you will out-grind them without problems.

[[Rubble Reading]]

[[Casualties of War]]

[[Wolfwillow Haven]]

[[Extinction Event]] 


Don't get overwhelmed, annihilate the fliers and you'll be fine.

[[Empyrean Eagle]]
[[Rally of Wings]]

[[Sephara, Sky's Blade]]
[[Skycat Sovereign]]

[[Extinction Event]]
[[Cry of the Carnarium]] 
[[Ritual of Soot]] 




Obliterate their draw engines [[Slitherwisp]] and [[Thief of Sanity]], mind their counterspells - leave mana up for [[Quench]] and [[Mystical Dispute]] is only one mana against your blue spells. [[Lochmere Serpent]] can be annoying.

You need some information here with [[Thought Erasure]] but otherwise, beware for a mountain - be prepared for exiling their Kroxa and keep counter or [[Bedevil]] up for [[Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God]].

[[Mystical Dispute]]

[[Ashiok, Dream Render]]

[[Ashiok, Nightmare Muse]]

[[Thought Erasure]]
[[Atris, Oracle of Half-Truths]]



As soon as the first non-humans start coming in, start building towards a ready counter or removal for Winota. If possible, just [[Unmoored Ego]] her, if you get it up in time.

Keep their board empty and counter or [[Bedevil]] on [[Chandra, Acolyte of Flame]]

[[Agent of Treachery]][[Winota, Joiner of Forces]]

[[Angrath's Marauders]]
[[Legion Warboss]]
[[Alirios, Enraptured]]

[[Ritual of Soot]] 


Drop Kroxa and you won't have to sacrifice it.




 Counter Keruga and mind their [[Inspired Ultimatum]], [[Whirlwind of Thought]] or a rare [[Ashiok, Dream Render]]. Single target removal on planeswalkers [[Narset of the Ancient Way]] and [[Teferi, Time Raveler]], no need to [[Unmoored Ego]] those.

[[Fires of Invention]]

[[Kenrith, the Returned King]]

[[Shark Typhoon]] 

 [[The Elderspell]]


For the next decks, you can [[Unmoored Ego]] on their [[Fires of Invention]] if possible but fine if you don't, it limits their output anyway - keep their hand empty/graveyard full and remove their key cards. Remove [[Teferi, Time Raveler]] on sight.




[[Jegantha, the Wellspring]]

  [[Golos, Tireless Pilgrim]]
[[Niv-Mizzet Reborn]]


Find out which Yorion deck you are playing against.

Keep their board empty and/or predict Yorion turn well, counter it. They will most probably out-grind you if you are not ahead by mid-game. Get your mana up, no need to keep counters up during early game.

Exile [[Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath]], it empties their graveyard.

Play your creatures selectively or after getting rid of their board wipes.

Don't go for the long game - establish dominance early for their surrender, destroy their morale by countering their key cards or with Kroxa game.

Counter or exile occasional [[Dream Trawler]], your creatures are not in range of [[Elspeth Conquers Death]] but mind the resurrection.

[[Agent of Treachery]]
[[Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast]]
[[Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath]]
[[Shark Typhoon]]

[[Omen of the Sea]]
[[Fae of Wishes]]

Other planeswalkers
[[Narset, Parter of Veils]]
[[Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God]]

[[The Elderspell]]

Achievement in efficient [[Thought Distortion]] 


[[Unmoored Ego]] their key planeswalkers or smaller targets like draw engines, anthem effects, resurrection or even counterspells if no better targets.

If you should be ahead in mana and their hand is full of non-creatures, fetch a [[Thought Distortion]] and enjoy the fireworks.

[[Ethereal Absolution]]

[[Elspeth Conquers Death]]
[[Call of the Death-Dweller]]

[[Glass Casket]]


Card changes

[[Covetous Urge]] is fun (it can also steal from their graveyard) but can definitely be replaced with e.g [[Mystical Dispute]], [[Heartless Act]], [[Thought Erasure]] or [[Eat to Extinction]].

If you prefer cycling over surveil effect, add some [[Neutralize]] instead of [[Sinister Sabotage]].

If not interested in playing [[Unmoored Ego]] and [[Fae of Wishes]], take a look at Lurrus Grixis Control - BO1.

Sideboard and matchups in progress.


  • No enchantment removal
  • [[Klothys, God of Destiny]] can be lethal
  • Include something vs hexproof in sideboard? [[Kaya, Bane of the Dead]]

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Hi, thanks! Sorry though, I don't - the issue here is that sideboard would have to be shared for both Fae of Wishes and card changes for Bo3. I am not sure that I will work on that version - it's a lot easier to Bo3 without Fae of Wishes. Or put Unmoored Ego in the sideboard.
Hi, Do you hace this list for tradicional Standard Bo3?!

This one is AMAZING :)
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