Arena Standard - Mythic Jeskai Fae YC Bo3

25 29 17
2 27 16 35


Alternatives to Lukka. Climbing back to 96%+ this afternoon after trying to play random things against established meta and falling to 89%.

Fresh news, yorion is OP, and you can't play control without it (except reclamation). Lukka agent, makes me wanna puke. Companions are mandatory... (nice one wizards...)

This is at least a bit different. A bit. More, and going competitive isn't an option anymore... Some decks I've tried work against part of the meta, but utterly fail against other part... It also is an evolution of the deck I climbed to top 250 in the first weeks of ikoria in Bo1. Adapting it to Bo3, so I can try to compete in next Qualifiers (grixis lurrus, not good enough for last one, sadly. Or my piloting not good enough. Or most likely, both).

Still on test.

Card commentary

The Karn gives you games against lurrus. The faes gives you versatility and options on game 1, but constrains your ability to adapt on games 2 and 3.

The wanderer felt ok as a 1 off also. Good against reclamation, but also exiling kroxa or other big creatures while protecting your planeswalkers.

Chandra ignores counters and gives you a chance to push in certain matchups or another board wipe in others.

Landwise , I'm not sure on the one beacon and field of ruin. Maybe add +1vantress or some ardenvale... Maybe -1 land (34) is ok. Needs testing.

Probably adding a 3rd fae.


I haven't faced many Lukka agents yet, but I won against the one I played, so at least it can, somewhat. Maybe he was just bad... -forge -clarion +veto +dispute +ECD. Also, I'm trying -1fires +1whirlwind of thought. But not sure, and that card might have to go to let some space in the sideboard. For an Inspired Ultimatum maybe.

Good against aggro so far. Against lurrus, take out ECD and add the clarion, casket, sometimes veto.

Against non blue decks dispute is out, although given the nature of the wishboard you sometimes just play one dispute against non blue decks, just as a counter. Probably a mistake? Not sure, but for now I sometimes do. I like to have things like cage, lantern or spyglass available from karn/fae. Better 3 than 1 option of drawing.

Lost the only game i had against sultai. Felt hard to win. Nissa + Casualties destroyed me. Full counterspell agaist it. Not enough in that case. If i could get to fae/thought distortion after fires... But they also fill the board with big stuff. I'd appreciate advice, although as long as there are few of them on ladder, I'm not going to change much to just this matchup.

+veto+dispute against anything temur. -karn. -2fires. Not 100% sure. Against reclamation you want to be able to counter. But if you can protect a teferi, going fires + fae->distortion is gg. Also against reclamation you don't want clarions or forge.


I hope someone finds this useful and have fun with the deck.

Anyway, I'm new to Bo3 (1 month playing or so), so I'd appreciate feedback on how to improve the sideboard. I'm not sure of the ultimatums (specially eerie, or the whirlwind of thought. Also I may need an inspired ultimatum. Or more counters. Maybe a couple of tale's end?


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Last Updated: 20 May 2020
Created: 20 May 2020
390 56 0

Mainboard - 80 cards (32 distinct)

Creature (2)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (27)
Land (35)
Planeswalker (16)

Sideboard - 15 cards (14 distinct)


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