@RhyvMadWolf Bring in 4 negates and 2 Disdainful strokes. If you have extra copies of expansion // explosion, put those in the sideboard as well since you can use them to copy counterspells to try and win the inevitable counter war. Against Teferi decks, make sure you don't tap out the turn before their turn 5. Force your opponent to play into your counterspells if they want a shot at sticking the Teferi.
@Zanth - Yeah, I'll definitely do a follow up at some point for these decks. I'm not sure when that will be, but there will be one. :)
What should I do against other control? I'm having a ton of fun against any decks other that UW and UB, especially Teferi decks, and since I've started playing this deck there are only control players in the matchmaking apparently. Do you have any suggestions?
Have you considered making a couple guides in a few weeks about "Upgraded" versions of your beginner friendly budget decks? i tried out this deck and just pulled off a amazing 1 hp victory with 2 cards left in my deck and i was curious as to what you would do to spice it up with extra rares n shit. thanks for the guides, they are nicely formatted and well written so keep up the good work!