Brawl - Apex of Mutations

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This deck is a work in progress, so any and all suggestions are welcome.  After playing a few games with it, I have liked how it plays, but I am sure it can be improved.

The idea behind this deck was to focus on mutations rather than filling up the graveyard to bring stuff back.

Also, I fully expect for [[Drannith Magistrate]] to be banned in brawl sometime soon.

Edit 1: In a massive oversight on my part, [[Questing Beast]] was left out of the initial deck list.  I have added it and removed [[Polukranos, Unchained]] to make room.  Polukranos often just felt too slow and really clunky, and Questing Beast is just a much better fit overall.  So far, I have had about a 60% winrate, which some of the losses are admittedly due to pilot error and highly lucky draws for my opponent.  

[[Mythos of Nethroi]] and [[Eerie Ultimatum]] feel really good in this deck, as I figured they would when I first saw them spoiled and knew they would be Abzan brawl deck staples.  However, I do feel as though the deck could use more mutate creatures.  [[Cubwarden]] seems like a possible inclusion, as does [[Auspicious Starrix]].

The mana base seems solid as I have maybe had one match where I lost to screw.  With all of the dual lands and the new [[Indatha Triome]], to support the mana requirements for more mana restrictive spells like Eerie Ultimatum and [[Casualties of War]], the only change I would currently consider is maybe putting in [[Castle Ardenvale]] for one of the plains, but the tokens generated by it are Human tokens, which cannot be mutated onto.

Although I really enjoy playing this deck right now, I am particularly worried for it after rotation in a few months considering that a lot of the cheaper removal like [[Despark]], [[Mortify]], and [[Deathsprout]], as well as bombs like Casualties of War, [[Vraska, Golgari Queen]], and  [[Ethereal Absolution]] will be rotating out of standard.  Also, one of my favorite cards in the entire deck, [[Knight of Autumn]] will be leaving standard as well.  In all, around 14 cards in this deck as it is right now will be rotating, sadly.  Here's to hoping that M21 will bring along some good cards to slot into the holes left by their rotation.

Edit 2: Added some cards to the maybeboard.  I don't think all of them would be much better than anything else in the main deck, but there are some viable options.  A few cards in the maybe board that stand out to me are [[Embodiment of Agonies]] as you can get it out of your graveyard with Nethroi's mutate for free, [[Back for More]] since it can get a creature out of the graveyard and have it fight another creature, and [[Command the Dreadhorde]] for the obvious graveyard shenanighans.

Edit 3: Moved [[Cubwarden]] from the maybeboard into the main board and [[Underrealm Lich]] from the main board into the maybe board.  Underrealm Lich often just felt too slow for not as much payoff as I needed it to be.  It can be great for filling your graveyard with creatures to bring back with Nethroi's mutate ability, but it often just felt too slow for that payoff to matter too much.  The lifegain provided from Cubwarden often feels like what brings the deck back into the game after being brought down to a lower life total.  Also, it is looking like [[Drannith Magistrate]] will be banned in brawl as of May 18th, so if that does indeed come to pass, I will replace it.

After playing 12 games with this most recent edit, it has gone 10-2, with the losses both coming after getting land screwed early in the game against Nissa and Snapdax.  By the time I drew the land I needed, it was just too late to stablize.  Granted this is a very small sample size, but it really feels like a big improvement since I first started building the deck.

Edit 4: [[Dranith Magistrate]] has officially been banned, as was expected, so it has been replaced for now with [[Paradise Druid]].  I have not playtested it to see if it is what I feel like the deck needs or wants, but the early ramp combined with it being a creature with conditional hexproof that can be mutated on, seems to be a decent choice for the deck.  I also added [[Kaya's Wrath]] as I have had a lot of aggro matches lately where the opponent has just flooded the board and I had no answers.  To make room, I switched [[Umori, the Collector]] over to the maybeboard.

Edit 5: I noticed an error in the deck list, which was that it was missing [[Castle Locthwain]] and there was an extra Swamp.  I fixed this and also adjusted the other basic land amounts which were incorrect.


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Last Updated: 27 May 2020
Created: 24 Apr 2020
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Commander - 1 cards (1 distinct)


Mainboard - 59 cards (54 distinct)

Creature (15)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (17)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (3)

Maybeboard - 20 cards (20 distinct)


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