Standard - Sinful Gruul Trample Tribal

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Sinful how?

Gruul without embercleave or questing beast.  That's how.  Why would we not use two of the most powerful cards available to Gruul?  Let's discuss that.

This deck is a product of my last, expanding upon the trample theme in it, adding synergy, ramp, versatility, and sticker price.  This deck is threat after threat building up the former.  It is card advantage through power.  You don't hope for a timely embercleave.  You amass an army that will run over whatever your opponent fields.  You're going bigger, faster, and wider, and don't need something that doesn't trample without embercleave like questing beast.  You don't need embercleave because you're going big and through without relying on it.  No more crossing fingers for that embercleave resolve.  A timely counter isn't gonna stop 16 incoming trampling.  Board wipes?  An issue, but we build up quick and can recover well from at least one.  Just use caution if you know they are a possibility.

Rhonas:  The only creature we have that doesn't trample asides from the 1/1 created by iroan games.  He isn't here to trample.  Embercleave would be great for him, but he has 4 jobs, and he is fantastic at them.  1.  Recurs.  2.  Grows Kronch and pelt.  3. deathtouch.  4.  Double damage for everybody.  On a weak board, this will probably get you close.  On a well developed board, this is game over.

Spellbreaker:  Almost always gonna wanna do this for 4.  It's about building an insurmountable wave, not sneak damage.  The 4 grows the kronch at least.  And 4 becomes 8.  8>6

Ilharg: Recurring monster threat that brings in free help, especially rhonas (gg), grows things, is huge.  All he needs is wings.  Maybe on a cold day in hell.  (I want credit for the name if you dechtech that)

Kronch: baby trampler that grows pelt collector and grows from 4/4+ entering.  Do not underestimate this guy.  By the time Rhonas shows up to do his thing, this guy might made enormous.  (Just before I wrote this article I ended a match with a rhonas coming down on a kronch and a spellbreaker.  The kronch was a 10/4 trample going in.  2 mana?  Yes.

Neheb: tramples, grows things, hits hard, filters cards for us.  lovely.

Pelt collector:  The lil 1/1 that could.  Starts out as cannon fodder but can become a trampling menace if your opponent doesn't waste removal on it.

Shifting ceratops:  Hey wait!  We know this guy!  What's he doing out of the sideboard?  Well... he is beefy.  And he has trample at a price.  maindeck dream trawler anwsers aren't a bad thing anyway.

The First Iroan Games:  Not gonna lie, this is mainly here because it lets us draw 2 cards.  It does 3 other things.  But those cards are super awesome.  This saga is a MRE.  Pretend I'm talking about food.  First course, a chump blocker.  2nd, a 3/3 buff for one of your tramplers. 3rd, delicious draw 4, dessert, ramp for those new cards.

Wolfwillow haven:  ramp that can't be boardwiped or easily picked off.

Domri:  ramp, counter protection, interactivity with opponents board, buffs everything.  I keep trying to remove him, but he just keeps finding his way back into the list.


You should be able to figure out what goes where here. :P  (No seriously, this is still very much open to interpretation and you should feel free to experiment with the sideboard and even the main.  I hope very much that this can be a game changer for Gruul players that others can expand and improve upon.  A cheap Gruul deck is a cool concept and something I wish I thought of before I bought physical copies of embercleave and questing beast, haha!)





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Last Updated: 24 Mar 2020
Created: 24 Mar 2020
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Mainboard - 60 cards (15 distinct)

Creature (25)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (8)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (3)

Sideboard - 15 cards (6 distinct)


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