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Hello again!

You know that feeling when you've really crushed something?  Maybe you've broken a board.  Conquered that hard boss.  Conquered a meta. 

This deck is that feeling. 

I've been playing around with Rhonas for a while now but never feeling satisfied with the results.  The synergy wasn't there without poor choices.  There is a 3 mana enchantment that gives nonhumans trample.  Just not enough of an impact card.  Not when you can be dropping a tramping 4/4 with that 3 mana.  The issue here is that Rhonas doubles every creatures power.  But the downside in this is that it gets wasted by chumpblocks.  The solution was and is trample.  I don't know why it took me so long to think of it, but I looked into what creatures simply had trample within gruul and a pot rich with gruul good enough to come back for second helpings.

The synergy is just fantastic.  If you come remotely close to curving out you almost have to try to lose.  Let's look at the cards.

Bonecrusher:  We start at an exception in the deck.  Exceptions or deathtouch creatures are usually going to get the embercleave.  Otherwise you know why this is here.  The shock and big body combo is just so critical to a Gruul deck.  There are 3 drops with trample if you wanna chase the synergy further, but I don't recommend it.  Besides bonecrusher helps out another fella here that does trample.

Rhonas:  I've experienced nothing in magic like bringing this out through Ilharg on a busy board full of trampling creatures.  Most will quit, but kind souls and good sports will let you see a huge negative number next to thier avatar.

Spellbreaker:  A cost effective trampling 4/4

Ilharg:  There is an artfact that gives haste.  If I further change this deck, it will be that, to use on this.  Because everyone knows it.  Ilharg is bad news.  You don't know whats coming out of there.  It could be a snail.  Or it could be Rhonas out to ruin your day.

Kronch Wrangler:  What?  I don't know what the word jank means and at this point I'm too afraid to ask anyone.  This fellow is like a pelt collector.  We totally slept on it.  2/1 Trample, gets bigger any time you drop a 4 power creature.  Between pelt collector and this guy, a lot of removal is spent trying to keep them from getting big, and then the actual big stuff starts coming out and they are spent on the kills and counters.

Neheb:  4 drop 5 power trample.  Nice.  Shame about being legendary.  actually a lot of our cards are.  But we aren't playing any of them as 4 ofs at least.  Hey at least Bolas isn't likely to win on his legend rule.  Bonus:  card filtering any time we hit face, plus a touch of ramp.

pelt collector:  Anoying 1/1 that never shuts up about how one turn is is gonna be great. 

Questing beast:  Just bad news for the opponent.  No trample.  But we need it here as an assassin and embercleave target.  Critical to control the planeswalker pest population.  Embercleave Questing beast is what Nissa Who Wins the Game deserves.

Embercleave:  Adore this card so much.  Just the mere threat of it impacts how people play you.  Having red and being aggro, they know you may have it and will desperately throw away resources on weak early plays out of worry of this coming out quickly.  Truth is you don't want to rush it anyway. 

Lava coil: 2 of here, bringing the total base spot damage spells up to 6, which I prefer in my Gruul.  (adding with bonecrushers adventure)  Board in the other 2 when needed.

Domri:  I frequently find him a little underwhelming at 3 mana but he does a lot for this deck.  Counterspell protection, ramp, board control, and synergy through added damage.

Thats it folks!  Thanks if you've made it this far with me.  Hope it was a decent read.  Gimme a like if you enjoyed the write up or the deck.  Thanks!


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I've moved on from this deck as it does have it's issues. I'm still trying to work within a trampling framework, but I'm having trouble nailing down exactly what feels right. You might have given me a solution. Purphoros is too expensive, and even Samut is a bit costly, (there is a trample enchantment for 3, why not a haste one?) but she is worth a go. One issue that hurts the deck is removal. Most things come down then just wait to get taken out before they do anything. Thank for the idea!
Hello! I really like this deck, it fits the idea I was looking for and it oppened my mind about gruul agro so i really appreciate it. Thanks.
On the other hand, the only card that i am not sure about is Neheb. I understand its purpose (trample +10 atack with Rhonars or embercleave + card filtering) but i feel like something more important could be missed. What do you think about changing Neheb for Purphoros or even for Samut, Tyrant Smasher to use the Ilharg's god combo the moment u use it?

Last Updated: 21 Mar 2020
Created: 21 Mar 2020
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Sideboard - 15 cards (7 distinct)


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