Are you still MBing 4 chemister insight?
How exactly are you supposed to play Expansion/Explosion? I almost never get to use that card.
This deck is definitly awesome. I made some changes but the core is in. Actualy i'm testing syncopate instead of essence scatter. Any thought on it ? I like the versatility and the exile effect.
Thanks for getting back to me, ok that makes sense !
Hey, just want to say I love this deck. The only one ive crafted since the rotation so far. I have a few questions if you dont mind. So, what do you think about life gain? Maybe switch out a chemister's for one? (Ive been trying a little less draw.) And what is the win condition specifically against control? Are you trying to not deck out with teferi, while also forcing them to draw a lot with explosion? Are you trying to burn them out? I suppose it depends?
Why did you decide to not run Lyra anymore?
Hey man, love the deck. I've come up with something vaguely similar, but couldn't have balanced it properly without you! I like the sideboard ideas too, but would you mind explaining which cards you'd sideboard out against some popular matchups? I know I might be asking for a long answer, but all your help is hugely appreciated. Keep doing what you're doing!
hi man loving this deck.
Do u think jeksai is more solid than UW control?
Thank you for the answer, i see the point of this card clearly now.
What's your feeling on Niv-mizet ? And cleansing nova ? I play both and I don't feel bad about the Niv's mana cost. And it often close the game against control. I'm also a bit scary to cut a nova for a third clarion ^^
Could you explain the use of expansion / explosion please ? I mean how do you use one or the other and what are their precise purpose in the deck.
Very interesting list, I'm playing a similar one that still need to be refined. So your explanation would be appreciated ! Sorry for the poor english
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