@noopy this deck was made before the Niv craze. Niv is powerful. WTS, a few reasons I wouldn't put Niv in this build (its a bit outdated tbh) is that the color requirements are harsh. Adding Niv makes settle far more inconsistant. For Tier 1 the more midrangey Niv Version is the way to go, but this deck still has its own merits as a true control list.
I know this is a tad old but I'm just wondering why you don't run any Nivs in this deck. I feel like one or 2 nivs would be a touch stronger. If not, I'd like to know why, I'm always interested in learning deck building, thanks!

Glad you are enjoying the list! It's a blast to play! I'm always working on new tech and innovations for it, hopefully I can keep up with it as the meta shifts! Expansion//Explosion is one of my favorite cards in this format!
Dear Chris,
I want to thank you for this great deck! It's demolishing the current meta and has rekindled my love for MTG. I would like to point out how insane a card Expansion/Explosion is.
* Expansion can actually copy your opponent's Counterspell and then counter it yourself.
*Playing Explosion at the endstep can force your opponent to discard a lot of cards.
*Playing Explosion at the endstep, the turn before your create Ral's emblem, gives you a 10+ hand to murder your opponent.
Are you still MBing 4 chemister insight?
How exactly are you supposed to play Expansion/Explosion? I almost never get to use that card.
This deck is definitly awesome. I made some changes but the core is in. Actualy i'm testing syncopate instead of essence scatter. Any thought on it ? I like the versatility and the exile effect.
Thanks for getting back to me, ok that makes sense !
Hey, just want to say I love this deck. The only one ive crafted since the rotation so far. I have a few questions if you dont mind. So, what do you think about life gain? Maybe switch out a chemister's for one? (Ive been trying a little less draw.) And what is the win condition specifically against control? Are you trying to not deck out with teferi, while also forcing them to draw a lot with explosion? Are you trying to burn them out? I suppose it depends?
Why did you decide to not run Lyra anymore?
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