Arena Standard - [THB] Sultai Dreams

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This deck is a work in progress. Changes made will be updated here.

Hey everyone. Pyro here. Jumping off the momentum of my Grixis Dreams deck, I decided to take a look at trying to make it work in Sultai because [[Wilderness Reclamation]] + [[Folio of Fancies]] + [[Underworld Dreams]] was just pretty funny in my opinion. I went through several ideas in my head from hardcore ramp with mana dorks to a slightly more control-oriented build. I finally settled on an idea that was a bit Simic Ramp and Dimir Control and throwing them into a nice little mixing bag. I feel like I'm close to something that will work consistently, but I'm not really sure how many more changes I can do to this. Any suggestions will be extremely welcome.

The Ramp:

{{Growth Spiral}}{{Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath}}{{Beanstalk Giant}}{{Nissa, Who Shakes the World}}{{Fabled Passage}}

These are the cards that help us get our mana quickly. Growth Spiral is card draw + extra land. Uro is a better Growth Spiral that gains life, draws a card, and plays a land. The Escape cost is pretty cheap, but getting the five cards in the graveyard can be a hassle sometimes. Beanstalk Giant allows us to dig out a land from our deck for 3 mana. For 7 mana, he becomes a bulky body that gets better the more lands we have in play. Nissa doubles the mana output of our Forests (including [[Overgrown Tomb]] and [[Breeding Pool]]. She's not extremely critical to this deck as we are able to generate quite a bit of mana even without her static effect. She does make for a nice distraction and generates more bodies to help defend. I wouldn't bank on trying hard to get to her -8. Fabled Passage is a better [[Evolving Wilds]] that lets us dig for the basic lands we really need.

The Control:

{{Murderous Rider}}{{Thought Erasure}}{{Cry of the Carnarium}}

These are the cards that help our survival while we dig for our combo pieces. Rider is target removal for 3 and then becomes a 2/3 Lifelinker for another 3. Thought Erasure hand hates our opponent and lets us filter through our deck. Cry is anti-aggro. TECHNICALLY [[Ritual of Soot]] is better, but all of our creatures except Beanstalk Giant would get hit with it including any lands that were made into creatures by Nissa. That would be bad.

The Combo:

{{Underworld Dreams}}{{Folio of Fancies}}{{Wilderness Reclamation}}

These are our main combo pieces which enables our primary win condition. Underworld Dreams pops your opponent for 1 whenever they draw a card. Folio lets us pay twice X to force us and our opponent to draw X cards. Wilderness Reclamation untaps all of our lands {including Nissa lands} on our end step. The idea here is similar to how Temur Reclamation decks use Wilderness Reclamation + Expansion//Explosion. We Shift+Ctrl for Hold Priority before our End Step. We move to our end step. As Wilderness Reclamation activates, we tap all our lands for mana. We allow Wilderness Reclamation to resolve. While still holding our end step, we tap all our lands for mana again repeating the process for as many copies of Wilderness Reclamation we have down. Once we've got all our mana in our mana pool, we then tap Folio to draw a lot of cards triggering Underworld Dreams for a lot of damage on our opponent. However, we don't have to just wait for when we can deal a bunch of damage. We can also slowly ping them while we build up to the coup de grace.

Folio is also a great card in conjunction with [[Castle Vantress]] if you start running out of gas.

The Gas:

{{Castle Vantress}}{{Hydroid Krasis}}

These are cards that help to keep us going if we start losing steam. Vantress helps filter our deck out of things we don't need and works really well with Folio. Krasis is a nice flying trampler that gets better the more you pump into it. You pay X to give it X +1/+1 counters, gain half X life, and draw half X cards.


Like I said, I feel like I am onto something really close here. If you play this deck, please leave me some feedback on what you think. I really feel like this is on the edge of being something good. Thanks, everyone!


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Last Updated: 18 Feb 2020
Created: 18 Feb 2020
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Mainboard - 60 cards (20 distinct)

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