Arena Standard - Thievery Corporation

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Thievery Corporation

U/B Control / Thief Deck - is all about taking the opponent's deck and using it against them.

Thief of Sanity gets our hands dirty in their garden of tricks and keeps our armory full compliments of our enemy.

Tomebound Lich is there to serve us in several ways:

  • Deathtouch acts a deterrent for our opponent's attacks / Lifelink is obvious 
  • Lich's discard mechanism is our advantage as well, it allows us to discards into our graveyard that will need to be there for easy retrieval later (Agent of Treachery).
  • Somewhat of a scry for us.

Murderous Rider is our creature/planeswalker killer and life battery. Scholar of the Ages is a cog in our deck's perpetual motion machine, that's right folks our deck is breaking PHYSICS! :P 

Perpetual Motion Mechanics of our Deck 

  • Tomebound Lich draws (i.e searches for our cog pieces) and discards them into the graveyard where they start to churn.
  • Agent of Treachery is discarded into the graveyard (because we're not gonna be paying his mana costs - pfsst, we're better than that! We're Theivery Corp!
  • Connive//Concoct (cog piece)- lets us steal their little 2-power drops if we need to get them out of our faces or just enrage our opponents because you know - reasons. But more importantly - Concoct allows us to grab that agent from the graveyard onto the battlefield to snatch up anything useful from our opponent.
  • Blood for Bones (cog piece) allows us to sacrifice Agent just to bring him back out again or pick up Scholar of the Ages if she's in the graveyard (spoiler she goes there as well). Or Tome Lich, etc. 
  • Scholar of the Ages (cog piece) allows us to retrieve 2 instant or sorcery spells from the graveyard...yeah, exactly. Grab that connive//concoct, and blood for bones, sac her or agent with blood for bones, rinse and repeat - it ALL recycles, AND we have 2 clear the mind just for back up to make sure we can use everything all over again! It feeds itself!

Ritual Of Soot and Thought Erasure helps manage the early game threats from our opponents. 

Ashiok is there to lend us a nightmare or two when we need them.

Covetous Urge allows us to start our thievery campaign early, allowing us to rob from their hand or their graveyard (from the cards we discarded with Thought Erasure!)

Mnemonic Betrayal is there for the lols and for just pure fun, once you have enough mana and their graveyard is nice and full, have at it with this card!

So to summarize - Steal our opponent's bombs and threats and use them gleefully as they rage and we smile :)

- Thievery Corp!


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Last Updated: 07 Feb 2020
Created: 07 Feb 2020
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Mainboard - 60 cards (23 distinct)

Creature (15)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (17)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (4)

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