Brawl - Rhys of the Wolves

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This deck has a one drop commander that's either white or green so it let's you use both colors in the deck.

{{Rhys the Redeemed}}

We want to focus on the second ability for Rhys that's going to double our tokens. So with that we're gonna create lots and lots of tokens to go wide. The downfall of the deck is that its susceptible to board wipes, but it's not too bad because you can easily rebuild your board state with things like [[March of Multitudes]] plus most of your mass board wipes are only going to be in Orzhov decks.

This deck has a little bit different build than you will see from other decks as it relies on wolf tokens with cards like Tolsimir, [[Nightpack Ambusher]], [[Wolfrider's Saddle]], and Theros has brought us 2 other wolf archetype cards with [[Wolfwillow Haven]] and [[Mantle of the Wolf]].

{{Thorn Mammoth}}

[[Thorn Mammoth]] is good creature removal because every time you summon a token you get to fight something and as long as it's not taking 6 damage you can use it over and over each time you double your tokens. The same goes with Tolsimir when we summon the wolf tokens.

{{Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves}}

Some other things we have for removal are [[Prison Realm]], [[Conclave Tribunal]], and [[Giant Killer]]. Going into Theros we're seeing way more enchantments, so [[Knight of Autumn]] is helpful there in destroying enchantments if you need to or you can gain 4 life or have a 4/3 which is pretty good for a 3 drop.

{{Wilderness Reclamation}}

Wilderness reclamation is great because you can summon cards on your turn and then double your tokens on the end step or during your opponent's turn.

{{Woodland Champion}}

And of course were going to want to buff our tokens with things like [[Okhame Ranger]], [[Trostani Discordant]], [[Leyline of Abundance]], [[Heraldic Banner]], [[The Great Henge]]. Another good creature buff is [[Woodland Champion]], where every time you double your tokens, Woodland Champion gets a +1 counter on it.

{{Beast Whisperer}}

This deck also has good card draw with cards like [[Beast Whisperer]] and [[Guardian Project]] that draw cards each time you cast a creature.

{{Impassioned Orator}}

With [[Impassioned Orator]] we'll get insane amounts of life gain every time we summon a creature and when we double our tokens as well. 

{{Temple of Plenty}}

This deck was pretty good as it was, but some noteworthy Theros cards coming in are [[Temple of Plenty]] we finally have a Selesnya scry land. 

{{Arasta of the Endless Web}}

Another problem this deck had in previous versions was not being able to deal with fliers, well we solve that problem in Theros with [[Arasta of the Endless Web]]. This card also gives you token generation when your opponent casts an instant or sorcery spell.


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Last Updated: 07 Feb 2020
Created: 04 Feb 2020
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Commander - 1 cards (1 distinct)


Mainboard - 59 cards (48 distinct)

Creature (15)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (19)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (1)

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