Arena Standard - Bant Finale THB v1

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Combo Jank

This is an update on the ELD version of the same deck.

Therefore I will not explain the combo or how each card works, at least the interactions from older cards. Check the previous writeup for details.

Instead let us look at the new additions from this set. THD substaintially bolstered Bant Finale with some new options, but at once also presented new rivals to deal with. By and large, this deck is a lot more playable on the laddar, but still finds misery against some bad matchups.

{{Shatter the Sky}}

Outperforms [[Time Wipe]] from cumulated experience. One less blue cost matters a lot against the upgraded aggro decks like the current iteration of RDW and cavalcade. Fantastic card, but can be rather useless against control decks. Therefore we play 2 in maindeck in the BO1 setting.

{{Banishing Light}}

A somewhat upgraded version of [[Prison Realm]]. I also added one more copy to a total of three to increase our ability to interact with control and aggro early on. Since we can shoot down enchantment and artifact ([[Witch's Oven]], namely), this card is a lot less clunky than [[Prison Realm]] too. 

{{Medomai's Prophecy}}

A pretty decent T2. Of course we want to spiral on T2 into reclamation and chemister on T3, but this card helps a lot when mulling into a 2 land hand, especially with bad color combinations. It also draws very well, as once it lands, countering your named spell will not prevent chapter 3 from taking effect. [[Omen of the Sea]] is a decent replacement. I do not have strong opinion on which is superior.

{{Heliod's Intervention}}

Being a rare, this card is not as playable as [[Thassa's Intervention]], which can be used as an all-purpose counter spell. Nevertheless, the rising popularity of enchantments produced an environment where this card is playable. It helps dealing with Fires decks, temur reclamation, and food decks. The [[Sanguine Sacrement]] effect is also valuable against aggro decks, usually function as a fog but via healing.

{{Blast Zone}}

I moved [[Blast Zone]] from side to main to make sure it has a chance to online against cavalcade and cat oven on time. It also deals with planeswalkers behind the protection of counter spells.

The new scry lands are welcomed additions for a healtier mana base, but not particularly interesting.

Now for the sideboard:

{{Lazotep Plating}}

This card is actual gas. It is cheap, versatile and unexpected, basically a [[Veil of Summer]] with one colorless premium and protection against everything. Works great against casualties, agents, explosions, thought erasures, elspeth conquers death etc. etc. It is the single most useful sideboard card from experience.

{{Heliod's Intervention}}

You can sort of replace [[Return to Nature]] with this, as despite the higher starting cost, it hits multiple targets and has a healing option.

{{Planewide Celebration}}

Moved to sideboard to make space for interactions and ramps. It is a pretty strong wish in lategame. 

{{Ashiok, Dream Render}}

It used to be a dead card in the side, but at present more decks are relying on graveyard to function. Ashiok can absolutely demolish in a drawn out game.

{{Emergency Powers}}

Provided we have set up the enchantments and lands, [[Emergency Powers]] usually benefits us more than our opponent given our advantage in mana supply. Beware this may shuffle away important cards from your hand such as a life saving [[Root Snare]]



As usual, this deck still shreds midrage; it is very hard to lose to, say, Selesnya enchantment. It also provided me with some interesting games against traditionally tough matchups. It fairs much better against its former nemesis like Fires and RDW. Temur reclamation is a tricky match up, as your Teferi could disable mana floating but is susceptible to brazen borrowers. Control matchups are also more bearable, such as Azor control and Esper. 

In principle this is still a jank deck. There is a lot of potential to make plays but in equal measure the chance to fail.

Edit: Removed [[Medomai's Prophecy]] with 3x [[Omen of the Sea]]. Adjust mana base to 25 lands (-1 [[temple of Enlightenment]]. Based on current ladder experience, this deck currently does exceptionally well against red deck (which was one of the worst matchup in previous iterations). Azor, Esper and flash are still difficult matchups. Slightly unfavored against Jeskai Fires.


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Last Updated: 08 Feb 2020
Created: 01 Feb 2020
1144 93 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (26 distinct)

Creature (1)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (27)
Land (25)
Planeswalker (7)

Sideboard - 15 cards (15 distinct)


Maybeboard - 23 cards (9 distinct)


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