Standard - American Hero (Control)

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[[Hero of Precinct One]] is best suited in a control shell where you aren't hurt too much if you draw it or not, or if it gets crushed the turn

you play it. The issue with Hero decks is that they play midrange shells where once they lose Hero, they are just a subpar multicolored

deck. I'm looking at you Esper Hero. The goal here is to control the board until you can drop your threats like [[Ral, izzet viceroy]] and

hold up an [[absorb]] or [[ionize]] Or you could draw into [[Dream Trawler]] and potentially win much quicker. Hero into

[[The Royal Scions]] is very aggressive and feels amazing but it doesn't always work out like that, but that's okay. When it doesn't we

just filter until we find the tools we need. [[Shatter the Sky]] and [[Time Wipe]] will be here to help us clean things up. The thing about

Shatter is that having the opponent draw a card is a heck of a lot better than losing. Do not underestimate [[Elspeth, sun's nemesis]] she

is great in this shell. with the removal we're using and the discard outlet from ral and the scions we will be escaping her all of the

She does a great [[History of Benalia]] impersonation and paired with the tokens provided from Hero and Depose//Deploy she can

get out of hand very quickly, I also think Elspeth fits best in a control shell. You may be looking at Response // Resurgence and scratching

your head but these types of cards are why [[Hero of Precinct One]] is even in the deck, it's a removal spell that can later be a win

condition for the tokens you've potentially created. These are the types of cards that are lacking in other versions of Hero decks I believe,

cards like [[unbreakable formation]] can be great too.


[[aether gust]] is generally here toprevent opponent from dropping a pesky [[nissa, who shakes the world]] or [[unchained berserker]]

infront of us, that could be very problematic

[[mystical dispute]] despite having an extra copy of expansion // explosion and the 7 counters mainboard these extra copies are great

against control and against the simic flash/ramp variants

[[time wipe]] good against the big decks

[[devout decree]] cats, mono black devotion, cavalier

[[ashiok, dream render]] titans? dance of the manse, i've found it comes in handy. 

[[Heliod's Intervention]] I'm still not sure if I don't want to just play [[Disenchant]] over this, but the ability to hit permanents in

multiples seems great for what we're doing.

While I do like [[narset, parter of veils]]. I think if Reclamation decks are becoming popular i'd rather just counter their explosions rather

than give them a reason not to play their threats.


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Last Updated: 30 Mar 2020
Created: 26 Jan 2020
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Mainboard - 60 cards (26 distinct)

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Planeswalker (9)

Sideboard - 15 cards (6 distinct)


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