Arena Standard - Angels, Bishops, and Nightmares!

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Midrange Combo

Update 1/28/2020: I have made some significant changes to the deck after some testing. The biggest change being removing Sorin and both copies of Teysa for Nightmare Shephard. This card puts in WORK! It is an additional token engine that can combo with Divine Visitation and when DV is not on, the copy tokens retain their former rules text even as 1/1s (more afterlife and Bishop+Angel etb lifegain!). Aside from that, some other minor changes include more Mortify and a couple of Kaya's Wrath as testing material. Going to see if targeted removal is better. Banishing Light is great but it sucks when it gets bounced or destroyed and the opponent gets their toys back. Although Alseid sac and protection helped prevent this on occasion. I feel this deck would do better with a splash of red for Kaalia and Aurelia, using things like Deafening Clarion and Flame Sweep for removal, while forgoing Divine Visitation. Mardu angels may make a comeback who knows?


Other things that could be worked on is the number of Divine Visitations. I feel sitting at 2 is desirable right now as you only really need one and the deck is not entirely reliant on it resolving. I've added Angelic Gaurdian for the sole reason that with enough tokens, one can go wide and swing with indestructable 1/1 tokens and the like; follow that up with MPhase2 Wrath and your creatures will still be standing and your opponent weeping. Removed Alseid since I've taken out Banishing Light. Trying Hunted Witness atm, but may change to Vampire of the Dire Moon for the 1cmc slot. Hope y'all enjoy the deck some; I sure did!




I decided to revisit an old classic that I have been playing in paper since pre-rotation last year - Orzhov Angels. My original list used the combo of Resplendent Angel and Lyra to generate 4/4 flying, vigilant angels with plenty of lifegain thrown in to survive until the combo came online, and to keep the engine going. Sadly, they've rotated out long ago.

Now you may ask "why not play historic?" By all means if you enjoy historic, go for it; this list can be tweaked for historic to include Resplendent and Lyra. This deck was made for Standard Bo1 becasue Theros Beyond Death was finally released. I wanted to bring something spicy yet famliar to the very unstable metagame. So until the meta settles, I will have fun with this list and will also be testing some Theros goodies as well.


First of all, just like some pre-rotation lists, this deck is meant to be midrangey combo deck that aims to get ahead of the enemy in lifegain, long enough to outrace their resources. The main combo is Bishop of Wings+Angel of Vitality along with Bishop of Wings+Divine Visitation or any token generation. Idealy you want to curve out into T1 Alseid, followed by a T2 Bishop and then a T3 Angel of Vitality. If Bishop remains untouched, then Angel-Vitality gives you 5 health on etb, putting your lifetotal at 25 hopefully, not including a lifegain ping or two from Alseid. This means Angel-Vitality enters as a 4/4 on T3. 

If you don't curve out ideally, then the goal is to get down a Bishop before playing any angels and hopefully alongside Divine Visitation. This deck is creature heavy with plently of afterlife triggers and Bishop spirit triggers. Both Teysa and Sorin add to the creature value by increasing the amount of additional death triggers. With as much token generation, the plan is to poop out angels with Divine Visitation instead of 1/1 spirits. 

Lastly we have some needed removal in Mortify as well as the new Banishing Light. I prefer this over Prison Realm because I can get scry off of the temples and Banishing Light also hits other target nonland permements like opposing enchantments and artifacts. We have included 1 copy of Finale of Glory because when it goes off, even for like X=5, man does it go off, especially when Divine Visitation is on the field. A couple of Midnight Reapers for much needed card advantage; usually I play this T3 if Angel of Vitality is not an option. Also included to Dawn of Hopes for extra token generation for Divine Visitation, and card draw. 



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Last Updated: 29 Jan 2020
Created: 24 Jan 2020
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Mainboard - 60 cards (18 distinct)

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Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (10)
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