Arena Standard - Elemental Fires

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Built on my current library so can be imporved and optimised but who spends wildcards just before a set release right?

Anyway this is a take on the elemental decks from before core set 2020 came out.  There are some great early game synergies and many double edged sword plays that if played correctly will pay off double and win you many games.

This deck requires you to know what is in it and its cost due to the [[Neoform]] in the deck as that has been one of the clutch cards many times.

So some of the more intricate parts of the deck are as follows:

[[Thunderkin Awakener]] + Dead [[Risen Reef]] = card draw / potential ramp

[[Thunderkin Awakener]] + Dead [[Cloudkin Seer]] = Card draw

[[Thunderkin Awakener]] + Dead [[Scampering Scorcher]] = Wide attack

These are all okay value for a 2 drop with haste attacks BUT combine them with other cards and the value becomes insane.

Obviously with [[Risen Reef]] on the board we draw cards from the play of [[Thunderkin Awakener]] and from its effect. so thats self explanitory.  How can we break this though?  Well in two ways...

1. [[Overgrowth Elemental]]

2. [[Yarok, the Desecrated]]

So [[Yarok, the Desecrated]] breaks all the triggers and gives insane value for them all BUT we have no black mana, so how do we get him out?  We can simply cast with [[Fires of Invention]] so mana types are ignored but what if there is another way to do this?  Say hello to [[Neoform]] . We have two 4 mana drops in the deck as targets to get [[Yarok, the Desecrated]] out so either our [[Questing Beast]] can be the target (Sometimes its a better play to remove it, or the better option of [[Scampering Scorcher]] .  We can even cheat this play a little with [[Thunderkin Awakener]].  If you have had it killed or have to discard [[Scampering Scorcher]] then you can [[Neoform]] the nontoken part of it to get [[Yarok, the Desecrated]] for 4 mana in total.

What about our [[Overgrowth Elemental]] ??

Well [[Scampering Scorcher]] and [[Thunderkin Awakener]] can make this grow like nothing else.  Tokens become sacrifical labs at this point to not only buff the [[Overgrowth Elemental]] but also gain life for each one.  [[Thunderkin Awakener]] enables us to bring back a [[Scampering Scorcher]] to make the tokens repeatedly.  Once you have a single +1+1 counter on [[Overgrowth Elemental]] you can break him even more.  You see the [[Flame Sweep]] we are packing?  Make a bunch of tokens, attack, maybe loose one or two, the you can wipe most of the board and buff the [[Overgrowth Elemental]] and gain lots of life in the process.

The enters the battlefeild effect also can become broken if you use it correctly.  If you have a [[Yarok, the Desecrated]] and [[Thunderkin Awakener]] out, you +1+1 the [[Thunderkin Awakener]] twice then sacrifice the [[Overgrowth Elemental]] with [[Neoform]] for a [[Scampering Scorcher]] and [[Flame Sweep]] or just [[Flame Sweep]] to kill it, then when you attack bring the [[Overgrowth Elemental]] and buff the [[Thunderkin Awakener]] again, the next time it attacks, you can bring back ANY creature card in your graveyard.

We do need help to close the game if there is a lot of removal so [[Fires of Invention]] and [[Cavalier of Flame]] help us to do that.  By the late game, all being well, you should have 12+ lands out so 3-6 buffs from [[Cavalier of Flame]] onto a [[Scampering Scorcher]] is usually enough.  If you happen to have [[Yarok, the Desecrated]] out then that 5 tokens being buffed.

Im sure lands like [[Mystic Sanctuary]] could fit in place of the [[Castle Vantress]] but it would only work late game so not really worth it.

Yes there are more shock lands that could be put inplace but this is what I have and with [[Risen Reef]] the lifegain and scry from dropping them in from its effect seems better, it's just tough getting started somethimes. Any thoughts would be welcomed though to impove it!!




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This deck is sick. I love it.
Here’s what just happened:
I had risen reef & scampering scorcher on the battlefield.
Sacked it with new form to bring out Yarok.
Cast thunderkin awakener & attacked bringing out 4 tokens AND drew 5 cards!!!
Attacking with thunderkin did the same thing the following round!
Awesome build!!! Thank you!!!
Last Updated: 31 Dec 2019
Created: 31 Dec 2019
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Mainboard - 60 cards (22 distinct)

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Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (9)
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