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Combo Jank

Welcome to my Janky Sram deck. Taking advantage of Srams draw ability to "Storm" into a win con. This should probably stick to duel EDH only, but you can try a big game if your feeling lucky. Here's what it has going on:

The Bulk

So most of the deck is sub-par 1 drop equipment to keep you drawing cards. One card in particular is very helpful though in a bind, [[Flickering Ward]]. Sense you can pick it back up and reset it for an additional draw. We don't run many lands in the deck, and the main reason for that is because when you start hitting lands, you lose your equipment storm.

No Lands Please

-  [[Land Tax]]: You'll almost always have fewer lands than the opponent, especially if he's a green player.

-  [[Weathered Wayfarer]]: Same as Land Tax but you can grab [[Ancient Tomb]] or [[Rogue's Passage]] for a voltron win.

-  [[Endless Horizons]]: Literally strips the deck clear of plains, we love this, but can be destroyed whiping plains out forever. Risk vs Reward here.

-  [[Tithe]]: Just a great cheap spell for 2 plains out of the way.

-  [[Memory Jar]]: Potentially clearing the way for only equipments on top, but also a powerful draw seven is just good. Find your win con and set it.


-  [[Mana Vault]]: Pays for itself.

-  [[Krark-Clan Ironworks]]: Throw out some junk equipment for mana!


-  [[Kuldotha Forgemaster]]: Grind up a few swords and make an [[Aetherflux Reservoir]] out of the deal.

-  [[Scrap Trawler]]: As long as you remember to sac the zero drop equips first, this guy works okay. May replace him one day.

-  [[Auriok Salvagers]]: Keeps you drawing, it requires white mana though, so you'd use this sparingly.


What this deck is all about, you think we were actually gonna pay to set those poop tier equipments?

-  [[Semblance Anvil]]: Artifacts cost 2 less to play

-  [[Cloud Key]]: Artifacts cost 1 less to play

-  [[Helm of Awakening]]: Everyones spells cost 1 less to play

-  [[Foundry Inspector]]: Artifacts cost 1 less to play

-  [[Danitha Capashen, Paragon]]: Equipments cost 1 less to play on a solid firststrike vig lifelink body.

For the Win

-  [[Aetherflux Reservoir]]: Our truest storm win, dealing 50 damage to someone is hilarious.

-  [[Monastery Mentor]]: Too bad they don't have haste, but this guy will make you a boat load of tokens with prowess.

-  [[Approach of the Second Sun]]: Win the game card, you think we can't draw down to the 7th card in one turn? lol we can...

-  [[Leering Emblem]]: Set this on Sram, maybe find an equipment that gives him flying or a bowl of [[Hot Soup]] for the win.

-  [[Grinding Station]]: Chew an artifact, mill, set an artifact, untap, Repeat....

-  [[Golem Foundry]]: I'm a token lover, and storming into 3/3 golems has worked for me, so maybe give em a shot.

-  [[Metalwork Colossus]]: a 10/10 for free? sweet. Get him back for two junk equipments? even better.

-  [[Puresteel Paladin]]: Why couldn't you be our commander Puresteel?

-  [[Sigarda's Aid]]: Auto equiping is very powerful, especially with equipments like [[Colossus Hammer]] floating around in the deck.

-  [[Smokestack]]: This is newly added for me and I havn't gotten to playtest it just yet. It seems like an easy way to control the board for very little mana or effort. You'll be setting equipment to feed it every turn, while your opponent, unless he's running goblin tokens or something, will be losing lands and non-token creatures.

Well, there it is! Tell me what you think, and thanks for reading! Have fun confusing your friends when they see you set down Sram as your commander!

Love ya guys


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Last Updated: 31 Dec 2019
Created: 30 Dec 2019
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Commander - 1 cards (1 distinct)


Mainboard - 99 cards (86 distinct)

Creature (9)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (68)
Land (22)

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