Commander - {IRL} kadena in the arena

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Midrange Control



This deck focuses on closing out the game w/ any combination of [[Beastmaster Ascension]] & [[Overwhelming Stampede]].

[[Words of Wind]] can double as a secondary wincon, enabling us to hard reset every opponent board. Most of the time it'll be used as extra utility, being a means to set up bigger things and move us further ahead.

With [[Illusionist's Bracers]] on [[Aphetto Alchemist]] and a mana rock or dork, infinite mana can be generated. This enables us to play and cycle morph creatures as much as we want, therefore allowing an entire deck drawing alongside our commander.

Alongside infinite mana, keep in mind whether or not it's colored. If not, then keep availability in mind. Very often if you go off using [[Sol Ring]] or something, other rocks will eventually be drawn.

If somehow this combo isn't hit or neither wincon is met, [[Brine Elemental]] + [[Vesuvan Shapeshifter]] can be used to slow the progress of opponents to a crawl. [[Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir]] is a budget [[Vedalken Orrery]] for this deck, but his third clause is effectively a [[Silence]], providing more protection for morph setups.



Available Combos

  • [[Brine Elemental]] + [[Vesuvan Shapeshifter]] = no opponent untapping
  • [[Ebonblade Reaper]] + [[Strionic Resonator]] = one shot
  • [[Aphetto Alchemist]] + [[Illusionist's Bracers]] = infinite creature/artifact untapping
  • Infinite Mana + [[Crystal Shard]]/[[Words of Wind]] = deck draw


Optional combos

  • [[Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir]] + [[Knowledge Pool]] = hard lock opponents



How to build a 3 color mana base

MTG Lands

38+ lands; 8+ accelerants


15 Basic & Utility Lands

General ratio: 9 basic / 6 utiliy


9 Basics:

* Distribution calculated by AetherHub's mana calculator


6 Utilities:

Obviously, the utility lands should tie into the deck themes.

Here are the 3 themes I think are most important to a Kadena deck.


Flash Redundancy

{{Winding Canyons}}{{Alchemist's Refuge}}


Recycling Morphs

{{Volrath's Stronghold}}{{Riptide Laboratory}}


Protecting the Board

{{Homeward Path}}{{Maze of Ith}}


3 Dual Lands


{{Underground Sea}}{{Tropical Island}}{{Bayou}}


Scry Lands:

{{Temple of Deceit}}{{Temple of Mystery}}{{Temple of Malady}}


Check Lands:

{{Drowned Catacomb}}{{Hinterland Harbor}}{{Woodland Cemetery}}


Man Lands: (Not really an emphasis for this deck, since we play cheap dudes anyway)

{{Creeping Tar Pit}}{{Lumbering Falls}}{{Hissing Quagmire}}


3 Shock Lands

{{Watery Grave}}{{Breeding Pool}}{{Overgrown Tomb}}


3 Fetch Lands


{{Misty Rainforest}}{{Polluted Delta}}{{Verdant Catacombs}}



{{Grixis Panorama}}{{Bant Panorama}}{{Jund Panorama}}


3 Filter Lands


{{Sunken Ruins}}{{Flooded Grove}}{{Twilight Mire}}


Bounce Lands (Can also be run as Utility Lands, BUT Filters would still be required!)

{{Dimir Aqueduct}}{{Simic Growth Chamber}}{{Golgari Rot Farm}}


3 Pain Lands

{{Underground River}}{{Yavimaya Coast}}{{Llanowar Wastes}}


1 Tri Land

{{Opulent Palace}}


3 Other Lands

Pref. other lands that offer our tri colors, etc. otherwise

{{Morphic Pool}}{{Temple of Mystery}}{{Tainted Wood}}


4 Staple Lands

{{Command Tower}}{{Ancient Tomb}}{{Reflecting Pool}} & {{Mana Confluence}} / {{City of Brass}}


8 Accelerants

5 main / 3 extra


[[Sol Ring]] (duh)

3 Signets: [[Dimir Signet]], [[Golgari Signet]], [[Simic Signet]]

[[Darksteel Ingot]] (replaces obelisk recommendation in the video)

3 Extra: [[Arcane Signet]], [[Talisman of Dominance]], [[Talisman of Curiosity]]




- [[Dream Chisel]]

+ [[Rampant Growth]]



Changed the deck to a mill theme, then back to a theme that synergizes w/ the entire gameplan as a whole, rather than having more than one. The recording of these changes was unfortunately neglected.



- [[Bane of the Living]]

+ [[All is Dust]]

Yes, BOTL is a morph creature, but if it's being run its ability should be a little more impactful. Attempting to have it be a one-sided board wipe means leaving it alone on the board for a long time. Even if it's successful, you have to rebuild just like everyone else. If you play w/ the same play group again, they'll be more suspicious and it'll only draw the game out. BOTL will very often be just played as a 3 mana deal 1 damage to all creatures. Sure, AID doesn't hit big bad Eldrazi, but every one of them can be countered w/ a normal counterspell, which this deck has plenty of. AID also leaves you w/ a board, as morphs/spirits/manifests are all colorless.

- [[Simic Signet]]

+ [[Mox Tantalite]]

One less filter rock for one that's similar to [[Arcane Signet]].

- [[Thran Dynamo]]

+ [[Illusionist's Bracers]]

A similar initial mana investment that yields more accumulated value. Mana abilities are anything that adds mana to your pool, and since we don't have [[Rattleclaw Mystic]] IB seems like a great option to double up on some flip ups.

- [[Counterspell]]

- [[Echo Tracer]]

+ [[Golgari Charm]]

+ [[Voidmage Prodigy]]

GC performs the only practical use case for [[Bane of the Living]], and provides a couple other options too. VP gives us plenty of counterspell options, and since we already have plenty of bounce effects, ET can be subbed.



- [[Tainted Wood]]

+ [[Thespian's Stage]]

Just a massive amount of utility from tapping into [[Volrath's Stronghold]] to some other player's Urborg combo.

- [[Zoetic Cavern]]

+ [[Volrath's Stronghold]]

Why have just one simple land morph when you can return all the morphs from the graveyard?



- [[Golgari Signet]]

+ [[Thran Dynamo]]

Optimally, all three signets would be included. However, since this mana base is fairly robust, TD can find a home here. GS gets cut b/c it has the two least impactful colors in the deck. TD can be a Kadena substitute when needed, and can also help pay for the heavier colorless morph costs.



- [[Murder]]

+ [[Deathmist Raptor]]

- [[Secret Plans]]

+ [[Counterspell]]



- [[Skinthinner]]

+ [[Murder]]

S's ability is just hilariously expensive to be a worse [[Murder]].



- [[Exotic Sands]]

+ [[Winding Canyons]]

Allows ignoring of [[Vernal Equinox]] as an inclusion, to avoid its clause that allows opponents to cast at instant speed.

- [[Jeskai Infiltrator]]

+ [[Echo Tracer]]

JI is really effective in the early game, when you don't have many creatures and can potentially pull out some good morphs before casting Kadena. However, ET is good at all points in the game b/c it provides the option of bouncing our creatures or an enemy's.



- [[Thousand Winds]]

- [[Verdant Confluence]]

+ [[Temur Sabertooth]]

+ [[Crystal Shard]]

Replaced TW since it's fairly weak, & VC since it's weak in this deck. TS & CS add ways of bouncing morphs, and subsequently drawing more cards w/ Kadena. They can also save creatures from spot removal.



  • Replace Panoramas w/ [[Misty Rainforest]] & [[Verdant Catacombs]]





  • todo; add more notes



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Last Updated: 26 Feb 2020
Created: 29 Dec 2019
324 31 0

Commander - 1 cards (1 distinct)


Mainboard - 99 cards (93 distinct)

Creature (28)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (30)
Land (38)
Planeswalker (3)

Maybeboard - 16 cards (16 distinct)


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