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Muldrotha Pods Up Extra Turns

Time for another dose of Historic combos, ladies and gentlemen! Today, we are looking at a creature-based infinite turns combo to make the already insane Muldrotha decks even more ridiculously powerful! Want everyone to hate you as you do something even more annoying than [[Nexus of Fate]], in a deck without [[Nexus of Fate]]? Well then, get ready for some shit!

{{Muldrotha, the Gravetide}}

{{Llanowar Elves}} {{Timestream Navigator}} {{Prime Speaker Vannifar}} {{Crashing Drawbridge}} 

This deck makes use of our commander's ability to play stuff from our graveyard to take infinite turns by sacrificing any 1 drop to [[Prime Speaker Vannifar]], getting [[Timestream Navigator]], giving it haste with [[Crashing Drawbridge]], and activating it to do the same thing next turn! It's marvelously devilish and a pretty sweet trick on top of an already pretty strong shell for a deck.

The Ramp:

{{Gilded Goose}} {{Llanowar Elves}} {{Arcane Signet}} {{Risen Reef}} {{Elvish Rejuvenator}} {{Cavalier of Thorns}} 

This starts like most good Muldrotha decks start: with a good deal of ramp and value generation. [[Gilded Goose and [[Llanowar Elves]] are our early starters letting us get a mana advantage early on, and [[Arcane Signet]] gives us everything we need in terms of mana to stay on top of the game. [[Risen Reef]] and [[Elvish Rejuvenator]] can give us the early lands we need in play, and [[Cavalier of Thorns]] does everything a Muldrotha deck wants in the best color in the game.

Graveyard Value:

{{Stitcher's Supplier}} {{Glowspore Shaman}} {{Lazav, the Multifarious}} {{Journey to Eternity}} {{Emry, Lurker of the Loch}} {{World Shaper}} {{Underrealm Lich}} {{Izoni, Thousand-Eyed}}

Speaking of what Muldrotha wants, putting stuff in the graveyard is a pretty good start. [[Stitcher's Supplier]], [[Glowspore Shaman]], and [[Emry, Lurker of the Loch]] are early ways to get cards in our graveyard, and [[Lazav, the Multifarious]] can become any of the creatures in there for some tricky business. [[Journey to Eternity]] is just eternal value with all our cards, while [[World Shaper]] and [[Underrealm Lich]] will continually shove cards into our graveyard every turn. With all these creatures being put into the yard, [[Izoni, Thousand-Eyed]] is bound to provide us with quite a bit of value.

The Interaction:

{{Reclamation Sage}} {{Ravenous Chupacabra}} {{Hostage Taker}} {{Massacre Girl}} {{Cavalier of Night}} {{Dream Eater}} {{Agent of Treachery}}

We have a few creatures to pod into that can give us some answers to annoying things our opponents may be doing. At 3 mana we have [[Reclamation Sage]] to get rid of artifacts or enchantments, and at 4 we have both [[Ravenous Chupacabra]] and [[Hostage Taker]] to deal with scary threats from our opponents. [[Massacre Girl]] comes in at 5 mana as a pseudo-boardclear in case of aggro emergencies, and [[Cavalier of Night]] provides us with yet another way to deal with annoying threatening creatures. As our more powerful, game-swinging creatures we run [[Dream Eater]] and [[Agent of Treachery]]

Pod Value:

{{Crashing Drawbridge}} {{Fauna Shaman}} {{Corridor Monitor}} {{Fblthp, the Lost}} {{Mirror Image}} {{Spark Double}} {{Cavalier of Gales}} {{Yarok, the Desecrated}} {{Finale of Devastation}}

These cards are here to make the Vannifar part of the deck stronger, be it by just being classic "poddable" creatures or copy cards like [[Mirror Image]] and [[Spark Double]]. The main focus tends to be on getting to Vannifar to get our infinite turns going as fast as possible, and apart from that it's all the common Muldrotha Value creatures. [[Fauna Shaman]] is a fantastic creature tutor for this deck, letting us go grab whichever creature we might need by discarding another creature card. I feel like there's not much else to write about the deck as this is a shell that has been heavily explored as possibly one of the best ones in Historic, I just added a silly little combo


{{Field of the Dead}} {{Arch of Orazca}} {{Castle Garenbrig}} {{Castle Locthwain}} {{Castle Vantress}}

The deck runs 26 lands including [[Field of the Dead]] for that lands value with both our commander and [[Yarok, the Desecrated]]. We run a couple of extra value lands to help us with our draws and mana acceleration. We are a powerful value deck with an infinite turns combo, so we have a pretty flexible game plan depending on who we are playing against. There's not much else to it, play some extremely powerful value creatures, take infinite turns, and keep rinsing and repeating until our opponents are dead. Enjoy!


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