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Ajani's Historic Kitties!

In celebration of all of the kittie love being injected into Magic lately, as well as a way to try to pay some homage to my own sick kitten, I've decided to once again check out the underrepresented creature tribes of Arena with Cats! There is no cat payoff per se other than the fact that we are playing adorable little purrecious pieces of heaven in card form. Cats are the best and there's nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise!

{{Ajani, the Greathearted}}

There are not many cats available on Arena right now, and most of the better ones revolve around white and green. Sure, [[Cauldron Familiar]] is a Standard staple at the moment, and [[Frenzied Arynx]] is a big scary cat boy, but I felt like the addition of black or red to the deck wouldn't do much to help it. So we are playing [[Ajani, the Greathearted]], who apart from being a cat himself (even if the card does not state it), is all about love and caring which is purrfect for petting and snuggling with kitties! This deck is extremely bad, I'd put it firmly at a 2 on a powerlevel scale, but if you don't really care about winrate and want to hit opponents with a bunch of cats, then this is the deck for you!

The Cats:

{{Charmed Stray}} {{Leonin Vanguard}} {{Sanctuary Cat}} {{Ajani's Pridemate}} {{Oreskos Swiftclaw}} {{Pouncing Lynx}} {{Prowling Caracal}} {{Savannah Sage}} {{Vivien's Jaguar}} {{Generous Stray}} {{Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants}} {{Ajani, Strength of the Pride}} {{Leonin Warleader}} {{Keeper of Fables}}

Holy moly that's a surprising amount of cats! Not many of them are any good, but there's a lot of them, and we're playing the lot! Most cats come at the 1-3 mana range, meaning we should build the deck aggressively-oriented, aimed at big cat beats with a minor lifegain synergy. We have [[Charmed Stray]] and [[Leonin Vanguard]] as our lifegaining 1-drops, and the Arena-exclusive [[Sanctuary Cat]] makes an appearance looking absolutely ADORABLE in this deck. We run the best cat in Standard, [[Ajani's Pridemate]] to go alonside all this lifegain synergy, as well as [[Savannah Sage]] to get even more lifegain going. WE run 3 more cats as 2 drops, with [[Oreskos Swiftclaw]] and [[Prowling Caracal]] being functional reprints of each other, and [[Pouncing Lynx]] as a very underwhelming 2/1 with first strike but only on our turn. As 3 drops we have the sometimes-recurrable [[Vivien's Jaguar]] and [[Generous Stray]] for more card draw. At 4 mana we run 2 Ajani planeswalkers, which though they don't have a creature type due to being planeswalkers, both make cats to add to our beautiful little pack. Closing out the cat curve we have [[Leonin Warleader]] making even more cats when attacking, and [[Keeper of Fables]] letting us draw a card every time one or more of our creatures deal damage to the opponent.


The Lifegain:

{{Ajani's Welcome}} {{Dawn of Hope}} {{Camaraderie}}

As mentioned before, this deck runs a minor lifegain subtheme. In order to kick it up another notch, we run [[Ajani's Welcome]] to get more life anytime a creature enters the battlefield, and [[Dawn of Hope]] to let us draw cards for some mana anytime we gain that life. We run [[Camaraderie]] as our only big lifegain spell, but it's more of a finisher anyways as we will be casting it to go for one big swing turn while drawing a lot of cards.

The Interaction:

{{Prison Realm}} {{Conclave Tribunal}} {{Vivien, Arkbow Ranger}} {{Vivien Reid}}

Our deck needs some way of not dying to all the powerful stuff our opponents are likely to be playing in Brawl. In order to have some outs against a more powerful deck, we run [[Prison Realm]] and [[Conclave Tribunal]] as ways to keep threats off the board while we keep the tempo high attacking the opponent. We also run the due of [[Vivien, Arkbow Ranger]] to snowball our creatures or having them remove threats and [[Vivien Reid]] as a source of card advantage or to deal with powerful fliers, enchantments, or artifacts.


Anthem Effects:

{{Radiant Destiny}} {{Icon of Ancestry}} {{Vanquisher's Banner}}

We run three creature-specific anthem effects, and unfortunately we still don't have our cat lord [[Regal Caracal]] available in Arena again even though we were able to play with it before. Due to that, we run [[Radiant Destiny]], [[Icon of Ancestry]], and [[Vanquisher's Banner]] to buff all our little kittens into becoming fierce felines ready to pounce on anyone that gets in their way. Bow before the might of these adorable kittens!

Non-Cat Threats:

{{Gideon Blackblade}} {{Beast Whisperer}} {{Guardian Project}} {{Venerated Loxodon}} {{End-Raze Forerunner}} {{Finale of Devastation}}

Unfortunately there are not enough cats to make this a cat-only deck. I know, I am as disappointed as you are, but at least this isn't as bad as the Wolf situation! We run [[Gideon Blackblade]] to make our kittens more powerful while keeping up the pressure, and [[Beast Whisperer]] and [[Guardian Project]] should help us keep drawing cards while we are putting our adorable kitties on the board. [[Venerated Loxodon]] is here to bless these Kittens with extra +1/+1 counters, and [[End-Raze Forerunners]] does the pseudo-Craterhoof job of being the best finisher in most green-based tribal synergies. Finally we run one [[Finale of Devastation]] as a way to find a creature we need, or as a final haymaker if we ever get to 12 mana, grabbing [[End-Raze Forerunners]] to give everything +12/+12, haste and trample from the effects of the sorcery and the creature coming into play.

The Mana:

{{Flower}} {{Legion's Landing}} {{Arcane Signet}} {{Song of Freyalise}} {{Heraldic Banner}} {{Arch of Orazca}} {{Castle Ardenvale}} {{Field of Ruin}} {{Mobilized District}}

It feels extremely weird playing a green deck without the mana dork package, but most of the cats are in white, we so try to work within those limitations. We run [[Flower]] to fetch basic lands we might need early on or to pump the team for a big swing later in the game. [[Legion's Landing]] works pretty well with our aggressive cat starts, letting us continually create lifegain tokens and getting us more mana to work with. We run [[Arcane Signet]] because we might be aggressive but we're not stupid, and [[Song of Freyalise]] to turn all our cats on the board into effective mana dorks. [[Heraldic Banner]] is our other mana rock, which will usually be tapping for white and buffing out small cats by one attack. The land base is pretty simple, with 5 plains and 5 forests and all of the dual lands available on Arena. As colorless utility lands we run [[Arch of Orazca]], [[Field of Ruin]], [[Mobilized District]], and [[Interplanar Beacon]] to help us vs the multiple different matchups that give this deck a hard time (it's all of them, the deck is BAD). We run a [[Castle Ardenvale]], and both memorials for some extra value, as this deck needs all the help it can get to get the edges necessary to win any game.

So there you go, if you like cats you might get a kick out of this deck. If you like winning, you definitely won't. Play cats and enjoy the cute little weird meows and purrs the cards make when played on Arena. Cats are love <3



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