Brawl - Kykaw Enchantments

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HUGE THANKS to ThyrixSyx for making a video on Youtube with this deck! Please go give the video a like and subscribe to his channel, his videos are great :)

Kykaw Enchantments

Ah, yes the Kykar deck no one's been waiting for: enchantments! This deck makes use of Kykar's ability to generate 1/1 spirits from casting noncreature spells by having our noncreature spells provide us with consistent value as the game goes on! It's like most other Kykar decks you might have seen but slower, heavier, and with more value potential!

{{Kykar, Wind's Fury}}

Yes, that's right, enchantments! They're weird, unwieldy, and sometimes really bad, but I tried to see what I could make happen  in this weird nonsense of a deck. The base is what you'd expect from a Jeskai shell, with a good deal of card draw, counter, and planeswalkers, but this deck tries to win throught many little tokens that build up to an unstoppable force later in the game.

Easy Mana:

{{Arcane Signet}} {{Mana Geode}} {{Midnight Clock}} {{Starfield Mystic}} {{Smothering Tithe}}

Yeah baby we're back at it again trying to cast spells without green mana! How, you ask? By hoping really, really, REALLY hard that we draw at least one of these mana rocks early in the game! We have [[Arcane Signet]] and [[Mana Geode]] to give us all the colors we need, and [[Midnight Clock]] to give us some blue while being a wheel effect for us later on, letting us be more liberal with how we use our cards earlier in the game. [[Starfield Mystic]] will reduce the cost of a lot of our enchantments, and [[Smothering Tithe]] should annoy the hell out of our opponents by taxing them, or giving us more mana to use.

Card Selection:

{{Shimmer of Possibility}} {{Anticipate}} {{The Royal Scions}} {{Narset, Parter of Veils}} {{Chemister's Insight}} {{Drawn from Dreams}} {{Precognitive Perception}}

Man, I love playing blue. Drawing cards rules, and digging for cards feels even better! [[Shimmer of Possibility]], [[Anticipate]], [[Drawn from Dreams]], get in there, all of you! Throw in a [[Chemister's Insight]] and [[Precognitive Perception]] for more card advantage, slap a [[Royal Scions]] and a [[Narset, Parter of Veils]] on top and you have a blue party cooking! I love playing these cards, yes I will stick them into every single blue deck I have, and no one can stop me! NO ONE!

Board Builders:

{{Dawn of Hope}} {{Improbable Alliance}} {{Dovin, Grand Arbiter}} {{Outlaw's Merriment}}

Ok, so Kykar makes 1/1s, but we aren't spellslinging cantrips like crazy to him to build a board fast enough! We need a little bit more presence, so we also play [[Dawn of Hope]] and [[Improbably Alliance]] in our 2 drop slot for more tokens and more card draw! We also found another deck that makes ok use out of [[Dovin, Grand Arbiter]], as the amount of fliers and generally small dudes we are generating should let us swarm them and get in for some hits at our opponent's face, possibly getting his ult online pretty fast for MORE CARRDS! Finally, we run one [[Outlaw's Merriment]] for its potential infinite value and pressure.

Interactive Elements: 

{{Frogify}} {{Kasmina's Transmutation}} {{Eyes Everywhere}} {{Lawmage's Binding}} {{Prison Realm}} {{Teferi, Time Raveler}} {{Lawmage's Binding}} {{Conclave Tribunal}}

Usually a Jeskai deck has some pretty solid removal, with board clears and direct removal. We run enchantments instead! [[Frogify]] and [[Kasmina's Transmutation]] should help us turn any creature to a harmless 1/1 frog, which really helps with the very powerful commander creatures currently being run. At 3 mana we have [[Lawmage's Binding]] to do lock down a creature, and [[Eyes Everywhere]] and [[Prison Realm]] to threaten planeswalkers. [[Eyes Everywhere]] is a very fun card that I always see myself cutting from my blue decks, I would be lying if I told you it wasn't half the reason I built this deck. We also run a [[Teferi, Time Raveler]] to let us reuse any of these removal pieces in case we feel that there is a bigger threat, as well as just bounce stuff back to the hand. For any other difficult permanent, we have [[Conclave Tribunal]] which should be getting some good convoke help from our commander's tokens.

Getting Cheeky With It:

{{Disdainful Stroke}} {{Dovin's Veto}} {{Tale's End}} {{Lazotep Plating}} {{Mirrormade}} {{Leyline of Anticipation}} {{Leyline of Combustion}}

I mean, you didn't think I WOULDN'T put counterspells in here, did you? We run [[Disdainful Stroke]], [[Dovin's Veto]], and [[Tale's End]], which I do believe are the best counterspells to be running in Brawl. [[Lazotep Plating]] gives us some more cheeky board protection, and [[Mirrormade]] lets us copy any of the enchantments we have on the board for extra value. Finally, we have the other reason(s) I built this deck: [[Leyline of Anticipation]] and [[Leyline of Combustion]], because the first is sweet as all hell and the second seems so bad I felt like I just had to try and find something that could make use of it. So aggressive Kykar enchantments it is! This is it, folks: true jank.

Win Conditions:

{{Angelic Exaltation}} {{Divine Visitation}} {{Flood of Tears}} {{Emergency Powers}} {{Dance of the Manse}}

Wait we actually want to win with this? Weird. Well, we can try making a bunch of tokens and kill our opponent with [[Angelic Exaltation]], or get [[Divine Visitation]] on the board to make all our tokens into insane 4/4 angels. [[Flood of Tears]] can help us deal with a big board and get one of our big enchantments on the board, and [[Emergency Powers]] can force a wheel that goes really well with either [[Narset, Parter of Veils]] or [[Smothering Tithe]] on the board. They're a bit of a nonbo together, but apart from that we good. Finally, I don't know, I threw in [[Dance of the Manse]] because it's a really dumb card and can help us if our opponent manages to somehow have a lot of enchantment interaction on their deck.


{{Blast Zone}} {{Castle Ardenvale}} {{Castle Embereth}} {{Castle Vantress}} {{Field of the Dead}} {{Mobilized District}}

We run the most ambitious lands possible here, from [[Blast Zone]] to all three of the castles! All three actually help our overall strategy, and though we only have 2 other mountains we still want Embereth in there. I don't know, it's a Brawl mana base. There's not much to talk about here. It's got 6 basics because we are no fools. I don't know, build a better mana base if you want to.


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Last Updated: 05 Dec 2019
Created: 26 Nov 2019
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Mainboard - 59 cards (54 distinct)

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