Brawl - Rakdos Reanimator

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Reanimator, again? Damn straight we're doing this again, this is Brawl and making big, inefficient plays is what this mode (well, at least EDH) was made for! We're forcing reanimation once again with the big boy himself, Rakdos! An unreliable board clear with flample, he won't win the game if we do get to play him, but together with our other very large creatures we can come in with some really powerful surprise damage swings.

{{Rakdos, the Showstopper}}

Did you know, by the way, that this is my 31st deck? Is it starting to show that I'm running out of ideas and just trodging out a rehash of one of my favorite and easiest-to-build decks of the past couple of weeks? Oh god this is what they meant talking about impostor syndrome isn't... Uh, never mind. Look, coin flips! Randomness! Reanimation! Let's go!

Trying to ramp without green:

{{Arcane Signet}} {{Rakdos Locket}} {{Mana Geode}} {{Firemind Vessel}}

Black and red usually have quite a few ways of getting a ton of mana in one turn, and while [[Irencrag Feat]] is definitely a legal card for brawl, it really didn't feel like it did jack in this deck, so we're stuck with these artifacts. [[Arcane Signet]] is the reason Brawl is a 58-cards-plus-your-commander format, and [[Mana Geode]] is usually just solid all around. [[Rakdos Locket]] gives us the mana we need while being some very necessary card draw later on, and we run [[Firemind's Vessel]] because [[Gilded Lotus]] is gone and I MISS IT SO MUCH! BRING IT BACK! REPRINT IT! PLEAAAASE!

Interacting, what Rakdos does best:

{{Legion's End}} {{Angrath's Rampage}} {{Murderous Rider}} {{Cry of the Carnarium}} {{Bedevil}} {{Karn, the Great Creator}} {{Price of Fame}} {{Massacre Girl}} {{Cavalier of Night}} 

Well we are in black and red so let's get as much removal as we can. We have [[Legion's End]] and [[Cry of the Carnarium]] to deal with tokens, and [[Massacre Girl]] as a reanimation target that can clear the board. As targeted kill spells we have [[Price of Fame]] and [[Cavalier of Night]] for creatures and [[Angrath's Rampage]], [[Bedevil]], and [[Murderous Rider]] for those annoying planeswalkers. We also run a [[Karn, the Great Creator]] to animate our pretty big artifacts, as well as letting us shut off opponent's stuff like mana rocks, or our [[Wishclaw Talisman]]

Discard and Draw:

{{Thrill of Possibility}} {{Rix Maadi Reveler}} {{Wishclaw Talisman}} {{Rotting Regisaur}} {{Rankle, Master of Pranks}} {{Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion}} {{Cavalier of Flame}} {{Dragon Mage}}

YES, I WILL TRY TO KEEP MAKING [[Wishclaw Talisman]] HAPPEN IN BRAWL. I love tutor effects, and this one is quite powerful especially in a deck that can has as much closing potential as ours. We run a lot of rummage or wheel effects, with [[Thrill of Possibility]] and [[Rix Maadi Reveler]] as cheap ways to ditch a big guy looking for spells we can cast, and it only gets better from there. [[Rankle, Master of Pranks]] lets us get a lot of value by forcing discards and draw, and the enormous [[Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion]], [[Cavalier of Flame]], and [[Dragon Mage]] to go "WHEEE" with our cards and hope to draw better ones! DO YOU LIKE RANDOMNESS? RAKDOS DOES! Oh right, there's a [[Rotting Regisaur]] to try to get our opponents early in the game, as well as forcing us to ditch our huge creatures to reanimate them later.

Reanimation Engines:

{{Blood for Bones}} {{Bond of Revival}} {{Cauldron's Gift}} {{Gravewaker}} {{Command the Dreadhorde}} {{The Cauldron of Eternity}} {{Finale of Eternity}}

Oh look, there's a couple new ones here! The black reanimation package is something I've written about twice before, but red doesn't have many extra amazing ways to bring guys back, so we also run [[Gravewaker]] and [[Command the Dreadhorde]]! Yes, [[Gravewaker]] is slow and is here solely for extra redundancy. And yes, [[Command the Dreadhorde]] is probably going to hurt you. A lot. BUUUT even though it's not highlighted here we do run one [[Crashing Drawbridge]] to be able to make that spell actually do some damage. There's a lot of redundancy here so don't worry about casting an early [[Finale of Eternity]] to control the board, this deck isn't good enough to play it cool.

The Targets:

{{Ilharg, the Raze-Boar}} {{Skarrgan Hellkite}} {{Doom Whisperer}} {{Drakuseth, Maw of Flames}} {{Vilis, Broker of Blood}}

Alright, so apart from all the big reanimation targets mentioned before, we also have some pretty juicy monsters left to talk about. [[Ilhard, the Raze-Boar]] can help us get some of our ridiculous creature from our hand to board, which can help if we don't draw the discard or the reanimation sides of our deck. [[Skarrgan Hellkite]] is an absolute unit that puts [[Shivan Dragon]] to shame. and [[Doom Whisperer]] can help us pay more life to throw our big creatures into the graveyard. Paying life, by the way, is what [[Vilis, Broker of Blood]] wants you to do, and of course he's in here, as is [[Drakuseth, Maw of Flames]], the most awesome monored dragon printed in the past 5 years, easily. There isn't much else to it, really! These are ridiculous big dudes we reanimate. That's the deck! WE'RE DONE!

The Lands:

{{Blast Zone}} {{Castle Locthwain}} {{Castle Embereth}} {{Cryptic Caves}} {{Emergence Zone}} {{Field of the Dead}} {{Mobilized District}} {{Witch's Cottage}}

Oh no... you can't make me... Ah fuck it. We run the lands above. I have no idea why I put [[Castle Embereth]] in there, it's probably just to swag on opponents with our one single swinging creature. We have card draw lands, [[Field of the Dead]], [[Mobilized District]], and a buncha other nonsense. The sacrifice lands have some nice extra value for [[Cavalier of Flame]] but, eh... Our commander might be a board clear? Sometimes? I don't know try to enjoy the deck. Have fun :)


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Last Updated: 26 Nov 2019
Created: 26 Nov 2019
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Mainboard - 59 cards (51 distinct)

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