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It's Boros time, baby! The jankiest color in multiplayer brings to you the jankiest of commanders: [[Firesong and Sunspeaker]]! This commander is really cool-looking at first, but goddamn it is SO hard to get it to do anything significant. Let's start off with the ridiculous 6 mana cost. That's enough to make you think twice about playing them in Historic Brawl. Now let's look at the admittedly sweet abilities: Red instants and sorceries you control have lifelink. Rad, that's cool. White instant and sorceries that gain you life cause our commander to deal 3 damage to target player or creature. Wait, what? NO PLANESWALKERS? THANKS, WOTC!

{{Firesong and Sunspeaker}}

Ok so this deck certainly isn't good, but it can be pretty sweet sometimes. It's a Boros control deck that wins on the basis of burn damage. With plenty of removal, direct damage, and healing, this deck definitely isn't one you want to race against. We have a lot of board clears and a decent amount of direct damage. Unfortunately, we do have a bit of an issue dealing with planeswalkers and there's the whole problem of getting card draw and ramp in Boros. I've done my absolute darndest here to try and make something playable out of this while mantaining its meme status. So let me present to you, the deck:

The Ramp and Card Draw:

{{Arcane Signet}}{{Azor's Gateway}}{{Treasure Map}}{{Mind Stone}}{{Boros Locket}}{{Primal Amulet}}{{Gilded Lotus}}{{Irencrag Feat}}{{Dawn of Hope}}{{Pirate's Pillage}}{{Jaya Ballard}}

For those people who say Boros doesn't have any ramp and card draw: you're right. But we're trying our best here, ok? We run a whole plethora of mana rocks, most of which give us the ability to both draw cards and ramp up, depending on the situation. We run the excellent [[Arcane Signet]] for the fixing, [[Treasure Map]] to fix our draws and give us treasure later, [[Azor's Gateway]] to loot through our deck and eventually set up a win condition, and [[Mind Stone]] for extra ramp and emergency draw at the 2 mana slot. We also run [[Boros Locket]] for more ramp and card draw, [[Primal Amulet]] to cheapen all our instants and sorceries and eventually give us some extra oomph from our spells, and [[Giled Lotus]] as just a huge mana rock that can possibly help us get our stuff in gear. I'd recommmend mulliganing aggressively for a few of these at your start, as our cards are extremely expensive and we can really use getting on the board early. For extra explosive mana we run [[Irencrag Feat]] which, together with all our copy spells, can give us a TON of mana (note, a copy does not count as casting a spell). We run a [[Dawn of Hope]] to draw cards off all our red removal, [[Pirate's Pillage]] to set up for explosive turns, and [[Jaya Ballard]] to help us both cycle through our useless cards and give us a 3 red mana to use for our big spells.

The Early Defense:

{{Shivan Fire}}{{Electrostatic Field}}{{Justice Strike}}{{Bonecrusher Giant}}{{Flame Sweep}}{{Deafening Clarion}}{{Response}}{{Intervention}}

This part of the deck still feels a little lacking, but I tried my hardest to put the best-value-per-card removal in here. We run [[Shivan Fire]] to either destroy early mana dorks or deal with a medium-sized threat later. [[Electrostatic Field]] is a decent blocker early on, and chips a bit off our opponent's health as we get rid of their threats. [[Justice Strike]] is pretty excellent in this deck, being prime removal for big power threats as well as being relevant to both of our commander's lines of text. [[Bonecrusher Giant]] can be decent removal early on and provide a decent blocking body. We run both [[Flame Sweep]] and [[Deafening Clarion]] for early board sweeps, and we could possibly run a [[Fiery Cannonade]] but I thought that was going too hard against the weenie strategies. For further removal we run [[Response]] to get rid of medium-sized attackers and [[Intervention]], which can actually go face for some fun trigger-based kills if copied enough times.

The Board Clears:

{{Settle the Wreckage}}{{Solar Blaze}}{{Cleansing Nova}}{{Realm-Cloaked Giant}}{{Star of Extinction}}

Well we are in Boros, and if there's one thing White still does a little bit better than all other colors, it's board clears. We run all three excellent white spells in [[Settle the Wreckage]], [[Cleansing Nova]], and [[Realm-Cloaked Giant]]. We could be running [[Planar Cleansing]] as well, but the mana cost and lack of synergy with our nonsense made me think twice about it. We could probably be running it over [[Irencrag Feat]] or [[Inescapable Blaze]] but I like having the potential damage. On the red end of things we have [[Solar Blaze]] which if cast with our commander can give us quite a healthy bit of life gain. Finally, [[Star of Extenction]] is just a ridiculous card, works rather well with one of our silly combos, and would give us an insane amount of lifegain if cast with our commander.

The Finishers:

{{Doublecast}}{{Repeated Reverberation}}{{Inescapable Blaze}}{{Sundering Stroke}}{{Banefire}}{{Electrodominance}}{{Finale of Promise}}{{Sanguine Sacrament}}

Okay, this section seems a bit heavy, but look at all that damage! [[Doublecast]] and [[Repeated Reverberation]] all bring our spells to the nextest of levels, and casting the first into the second will let you copy your next spell this turn 4 times! For the big direct damage spells we run [[Inescapable Blaze]] and [[Sundering Stroke]], both of which could be used as emergency removal in case things get too dicy. Finally, we have our multitude of big X-cost spells. [[Banefire]] and [[Electrodominance]] synergize really well with our [[Azor's Gateway]] + lifegain strategy, and can just be a way to close the game. We run one [[Finale of Promise]] as another way to recur these instants and sorceries from the graveyard and cast them for extra value or damage. Finally, we run one [[Sanguine Sacrament]] as a way to gain insane amounts of health against aggressive decks. Note, even though the card says you gain X life twice, it counts as only one trigger, which really sucks, but having a lot of health helps us use our big spells more aggressively.

The Truefire Shenanigans:

{{Gideon's Sacrifice}}{{Truefire Captain}}

I did everything I could to keep this combo in the deck. These are the real cards that should be replaced, one with [[Fiery Cannonade]] and the other with [[Planar Cleansing]]. If you want to win more, go with those. But this combo is so sweet I couldn't resist. [[Truefire Captain]] is already pretty good with our [[Star of Extinction]] as a big face damage board clear. [[Gideon's Sacrifice]], if we have it in our hand while we have [[Truefire Captain]] in play, can be a ridiculous redirect damage spell that can kill our opponents if they decide to do too much damage to us. It's really sweet, but there's probably a better deck for it? I have no idea.

The Lands:

{{Arch of Orazca}}{{Blast Zone}}{{Castle Ardenvale}}{{Cryptic Caves}}{{Detection Tower}}{{Field of Ruin}}{{Field of the Dead}}{{Mobilized District}}

Oh god why do I choose to write about these? Does anyone even read this damn far into the writeups? Alright, Boros Historic manabase. We have 3 Plains and 6 Mountains, 5 dual-colored lands, a [[Fabled Passge]], and a [[Command Tower]]. [[Arch of Orazca]] can help us get card draw later in the game if it stalls out, [[Blast Zone]] is some decent extra removal, and [[Castle Ardenvale]] and [[Mobilized District]] give us some extra board presence in this deck with only 3 creatures other than the commander. [[Cryptic Caves]] is dicey, but the extra card can really come in handy, and [[Detection Tower]] should help us cast a lot of our direct-damage spells on pesky hexproof creatures. We run one [[Field of Ruin]] to nuke those annoying lands, like the [[Field of the Dead]] we also run because the board presence is decent enough. And that's it! Go sling spells with this weird commander, and hope to not get everything countered by a blue deck!


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