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Cheesing out the Competition With Jace Self-Mill

Brawl Wednesday is over and what fun that was! If only there were some queue up to play Brawl on Arena every day of the week... anyways, since we are now stuck playing with ourselves for another week, here's a deck that's perfect at doing just that! Yeah, you guessed it, it's a Jace self-mill deck!

{{Jace, Wielder of Mysteries}}

We are playing solitaire again, my friends! This time our commander will count as our straight-up win condition, which helps with the consistency of the deck in some ways. So get ready to get rid of all those pesky cards in your library as we power our way towards one of the cheesiest ways to win in Standard!

Milling it out:

{{Drowned Secrets}} {{Merfolk Secretkeeper}} {{Mission Briefing}} {{Bond of Insight}} 

It's time to mill, baby! Due to the nature of its ability in this deck, [[Drowned Secrets]] is basically our [[Bazaar of Baghdad]]. Mulligan for this aggressively and you will have a fun game. In order to further our milling and give us a good blocker early on, [[Merfolk Secretkeeper]] is a nod to the current state of Limited in arena, and counts as both a mill spell and two blue spells for [[Drowned Secrets]]. We have [[Bond of Insight]] for further mill and spell recursion, and [[Mission Briefing]] for its ability to let us double dip into our spells.

Draw, draw, draw:

{{Anticipate}} {{Shimmer of Possibility}} {{Jace's Triumph}} {{Chemister's Insight}} {{Drawn From Dreams}} {{Precognitive Perception}} {{Commence the Endgame}} {{Finale of Revelation}}

What's the best thing to do in Magic? Well if you're a filthy blue player like me, then drawing cards is the answer! [[Anticipate]] and [[Shimmer of Possibilty]] have impressed me quite a bit recently in Brawl, as it really helps us search for the cards we might need in a pinch. We have a [[Jace's Triumph]] because duh, and drawing 3 for 3 always sounds great. For the rest, [[Chemister's Insight]] is a good amount of card advantage and [[Drawn from Dreams]], [[Precognitive Perception]], and [[Commence the Endgame]] are all powerful card-drawing spells. Finally there's the finale, which could be used to extend the game or to just draw an immense amount of cards.

Friends in times of need:

{{Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer}} {{Narset, Parter of Veils}} {{Emry, Lurker of the Loch}} {{Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor}} {{Spark Double}} {{God-Eternal Kefnet}} {{Cavalier of Gales}} {{Dream Eater}}

Unfortunately for us we actually need to put things on the board every now and then. So we brought all the best blue friends! [[Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer]] provides excellent board delay and has a fantastic if a bit ambitious emblem for us. [[Emry, Lurker of the Loch]] is doing what she does best and getting us closer to our game plan. [[Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor]] provides more card draw and protection for us, and [[Spark Double]] lets us get a little extra our of any of our 'threats'. [[God-Eternal Kefnet]] is fantastic with our more expensive card drawm and [[Dream Eater]] gives us access to medium-sized board swings whille milling us. [[Cavalier of Gales]] is just a very solid card in this deck, as a recurring threat and a way to search for answers.

Protecting the Gameplan:

{{Disdainful Stroke}} {{Tale's End}} {{Lazotep Plating}} {{Narset's Reversal}} {{Negate}} {{Eyes Everywhere}}{{Hypnotic Sprite}} {{Mystical Dispute}} {{Sinister Sabotage}} {{Devious Cover-Up}}

So what's the best thing to do in Magic again? If you're a filthy blue player, then you know this is where it's at: counterspells! We have almost the full package here: [[Disdainful Stroke]], [[Tale's End]], [[Negate]], [[Hypnotic Sprite]], [[Mystic Dispute]], [[Sinister Sabotage]], and [[Devious Cover-Up]]. For extra trickiness we also run one [[Lazotep Plating]] to protect from big targeted removal and [[Narset's Reversal]] for some insane blowouts if our opponent gets overzealous. [[Eyes Everywhere]] is a card I've been starting to warm up to more and more, as it provides good value with the scry, as well as threatening activation and stealing important permanents.

The Mana:

{{Arcane Signet}} {{Midnight Clock}} {{Mana Geode}} {{Spinning Wheel}} {{Blast Zone}} {{Castle Vantress}} {{Mystic Sanctuary}}

Ah, the mana. For this one we are going with less lands, but more ramp. We run 4 mana rocks in [[Arcane Signet]], [[Midnight Clock]], [[Mana Geode]], and [[Spinning Wheel]]. Any amount of acceleration can be really helpful. For our lands of note we have [[Blast Zone]] in case we can't counter something, [[Castle Vantress]] for the scry value, and [[Mystic Sanctuary]] to continually reuse our spells.

What was I doing again?



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