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Saheeli and the Seven Dwarves


[[Felidar Guardian]] may just have been banned in Pioneer, but [[Saheeli Rai]] is ready to... oh wait wrong Saheeli. [[Saheeli, Sublime Artificer]] was jealous of her older sister versions and decided to make her own, very silly combo in Brawl! Welcome, to Saheeli's Dwarf Factory, where we make dwarves and even more dwarves and throw them at our opponent's face!

{{Saheeli, Sublime Artificer}}

{{Seven Dwarves}}{{Seven Dwarves}}{{Seven Dwarves}}{{Seven Dwarves}}

{{Seven Dwarves}}{{Seven Dwarves}}{{Seven Dwarves}}

Get your pickaxes ready, we're mining for the silliest combo decks available in Brawl! This deck's original idea came from reddit user ElWazo who was kind enough to share the idea and let me mangle his deck into something monstrous. This deck has been tuned for maximum meme value.

What are we doing?

{{Seven Dwarves}} {{Quasiduplicate}} {{Mirrormade}} {{Spark Double}} {{Mirror March}} {{Masterful Replication}}

Grab your pickaxes people, we're making dwarves! When I first saw this idea it tickled me tremendously. [[Seven Dwarves]] breaks the singleton rule in Brawl in a similar way to [[Persistent Petitioners]], but it has its limitations at 7. Our deck's main goal is to break that rule by copying as many [[Seven Dwarves]] as possible. For that, we have the classics [[Quasiduplicate]], [[Spark Double]], and the very ambitious [[Mirror March]]. Spark Double can also double up for another Saheeli, for it is her -2 effect on our dwarves that brings many of the cards in this deck online. [[Mirromade]] can also become a dwarf, or any other big artifact or enchantment we have to make our army powerful, and [[Masterful Replication]] can target our artifact dwarf copies to make all artifacts some very very big creatures.

Using our robodwarf army:

{{Manifold Key}} {{Steel Overseer}} {{Fling}} {{Crashing Drawbridge}} {{Icon of Ancestry}} {{Shambling Suit}}

These cards will help our dwarf explosion get it in there for the big W. [[Manifold Key]] can make one big dwarf unblockable, or untap it if it is an artifact if necessary. [[Steel Overseer]] will buff our artifact creatures for extra counters whenever they become a dwarf, and [[Fling]] is a hilarious way to yeet one huge dwarf straight at our opponent's face. [[Crashing Drawbridge]] will give all our dwarves haste if the coast is clear, and serves as a good blocker in the early stages. [[Icon of Ancestry]] set to dwarf will help us find at least a few dwarves every now and then, but mostly it will make our cheerful friends bigger. [[Shambling Suit]] is not a dwarf, but he can get pretty enormous in this deck, and has synergy with both [[Mirror March]] and [[Crashing Drawbridge]] for surprise damage.

Drawing the cards:

{{Witching Well}} {{Anticipate}} {{Golden Egg}} {{Guild Globe}} {{The Royal Scions}} {{Emry, Lurker of the Loch}} {{Drawn From Dreams}} {{Chemister's Insight}}

We gotta find many pieces to this weird combo, and for that we have a lot of card draw. [[Anticipate]], [[Drawn From Dreams]], and [[Chemister's Insight]] serve as ways to dig deep into our decks for the cards we need, while the artifacts [[Witching Well]], [[Golden Egg]], and [[Guild Globe]] can replace themselves or become dwarves later with [[Masterful Replication]] if there is an artifact dwarf already copied. [[Emry, Lurker of the Loch]] is here to give extra value on our artifacts, especially those we can sacrifice and replay from our graveyards. Finally, we have [[Royal Scions]] to help us draw the cards we need and buff a dwarf for more damage, first strike, and trample.

Protecting the robodwarves:

{{Negate}} {{Tale's End}} {{Mystical Dispute}} {{Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor}}

We are kind of a dumb combo deck so we have some pretty fragile pieces we'd like to keep around or not be countered. [[Negate]] and [[Mystical Dispute]] are here to help keep some of our pieces from being removed or countered, and [[Tale's End]] will stop a commander that completely counters our strategy. [[Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor]] helps keep our dwarves and Saheeli safer from direct removal, as well as drwaing through the deck and adding to the board.

Getting the mana:

{{Arcane Signet}} {{Heraldic Banner}} {{Midnight Clock}} {{Izzet Locket}}

Our plan is pretty ambitious, and we are going to need a good deal of mana to get it going. [[Arcane Signet]] is an obvious inclusion, and [[Heraldic Banner]] set to red will give our dwarves that extra boost to power. [[Midnight Clock]] can help us in case things go very wrong and we need to shuffle our graveyard but it mostly gives us good mana. [[Izzet Locket]] gets the include for both drawing cars and giving us mana of both the colors we need.


{{Castle Embereth}} {{Castle Vantress}} {{Interplanar Beacon}} {{Mystic Sanctuary}}

The manabase for this deck feels pretty okay. We run [[Interplanar Beacon]] because our commander is a planeswalker, [[Mystic Sanctuary]] to bring back any of our more powerful copy or draw spells, and both castles to help us get the edge with that extra scry and power pump whenever necessary.

Heigh ho!


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Last Updated: 06 Nov 2019
Created: 05 Nov 2019
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