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Lavinia’s Hateful Human

Are you tired of getting your face beat by turn 2 [[Oko, Thief of Crowns]] and turn 3 [[Nissa, Who Shakes the World]]? Are decks with [[Golos, Tireless Pilgrim]] and [[Fires of Invention]] sucking the fun out of your Brawl experience? Then look no further! There’s a new sheriff in town, and she’s here to put your opponent’s turn 2 Oko to JAIL (if you’re going first and get it on the board)! So buckle up, ladies and elks, it’s time to force more human tribal jank!

{{Lavinia, Azorius Renegade}}

This deck is all about this lady, a hate-bear that has seen absolutely no play in standard and is more playable the more expensive a format gets. But when I saw that beautiful “human” creature tag, I knew it was time to get to work. The deck revolves around sucking the fun out of your opponents game, by tapping their creatures, drawing cards, and making every play they make feel like misery. So now I present to you, the most annoying human ‘tribal’ list ever created!

The haters:

{{Apostle of Purifying Light}} {{Bounty Agent}} {{Tithe Taker}} {{Tomik, Distinguished Advokist}} {{Dovin, Hand of Control}} {{Teferi, Time Raveler}}  {{The Wanderer}} {{Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor}}

Since our commander is a hate-bear, we must have out gang of haters. [[Apostle of Purifying Light]] hates on black [[Bounty Agent]] hates on legendary non-planeswalker permanents, [[Tithe Taker]] hates on our opponent trying to interact with us, [[Tomik, Distinguishes Advokist]] hates on decks that run Nissa and Kiora, and most of our planeswalkers are all haters, making interaction a real pain for our opponents.

The cops:

{{Elite Arrester}} {{Giant Killer}} {{Law-Rune Enforcer}} {{Passwall Adept}} {{Ardenvale Tactician}} {{Queen of Ice}} {{Conclave Tribunal}}

[[Elite Arrester]], [[Giant Killer]], and [[Law-Rune Enforcer]] are all cheap tappers and all humans, making our trio of 1 drops quite good at making attack phases very tricky for your opponent. [[Passwall Adept]] allows for a creature of our choice to get in for free damage, [[Ardenvale Tactician]] and [[Queen of Ice]] both have adventures that synergize well with our deck, and [[Conclave Tribunal]] is here to deal with any difficult Okospermanents.

The lifegain:

{{Charming Prince}} {{Impassioned Orator}} {{Senate Guildmage}} {{Linden, the Steadfast Queen}} {{Elite Guardmage}}

The other subtheme this deck brings is that of life-gain, with [[Impassioned Orator]], [[Senate Guildmage]], and [[Linden, the Steadfast Queen]] as the consistent sources of life. [[Charming Prince]] and [[Elite Guardmage]] not only go great together, they are both just great value cards.

The card draw:

{{Tome of Legends}}  {{Dovin, Grand Arbiter}} {{Verity Circle}}{{Gadwick, the Wizened}} {{Inspiring Commander}}

We are in blue, and what does blue do well? That's right, we draw cards WHILE we beat face. [[Tome of Legends]] is here because our commander is a SOLDIER, dammit, and [[Dovin, Grand Arbiter]] is here to provide us with more card selection and board presence. [[Verity Circle]] is our cheeky card draw synergy with all the tappers, while [[Gadwick, the Wizened]] can be great to cash in in the lategame, though if you have no other plays on turn 3 and can cast him, go for it. [[Inspiring Commander]] rounds out the card draw with most of our creatures triggering it.

How do we win?

{{Hero of Precinct One}} {{Gideon Blackblade}} {{Icon of Ancestry}} {{Gideon's Company}} {{Twinblade Paladin}} {{Syr Elenora, the Discerning}} {{Azorius Knight-Arbiter}} {{Azorius Skyguard}} {{Agent of Treachery}}

[[Hero of Precinct One]] is ambitious, but our commander is a multicolored spell with a low casting cost, and she makes humans. [[Gideon Blackblade]] is our big human beater, and [[Gideon's Company]] and [[Twinblade Paladin]] both get bigger with our lifegain. [[Syr Elenora, the Discerning]], [[Azorius Knight-Arbiter]], and [[Azorius Skyguard]] are all obnoxious creatures to deal with, and can get in for a good amount of damage. [[Agent of Treachery]] is a human, so he is our biggest bomb (bonus point for his synergy with [[Teferi, Time Raveler]] and [[Charming Prince]]). And finally we have [[Icon of Ancestry]], set to 'human' except when we play against Oko. In that case we hold onto it, build out our board, and set it to 'elk'.


The mana base:

{{Castle Ardenvale}} {{Castle Vantress}} {{Arcane Signet}}

This deck runs 24 lands, and without green for mana acceleration it'you might want to go up to 25 to make sure, but we have a lot of card selection. You could run another island over a human you don't like much, but apart from that it's all quite basic. [[Castle Ardenvale]] makes humans so that clearly goes in, and [[Castle Vantress]] can help us out when things are going VERY bad. [[Arcane Signet]] goes in because humans like things that are good.


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Featuring this on the front page. Keep up the great work!
Last Updated: 30 Oct 2019
Created: 30 Oct 2019
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