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Version History:

v1.0 - Original deck built. Guide written

v1.1 - Made some adjustments to try to improve efficiency and mana. I started noticing a lot of land droughts and attempted to remedy that. I was also very choked up on three drops. So I decided to remove Chandra and a Devil. Removed 2x Chandra, Acolyte of Flame, 1x Mayhem Devil, 1x Mountain, 1x Swamp. Added 1x Castle Locthwain, 2x Fabled Passage, 1x Dreadhorde Invasion, and 1x Cauldron Familiar.

v1.11 - Added sideboard and sideboard guide

v1.2 - Wanted to make the deck more consistent. Removed 4x Claim the Firstborn, 4x Act of Treason, 1x Dreadhorde Invasion, 1x Ayara, First of Locthwain, 4x Footlight Fiend. Added 4x Heartfire, 4x Spark Harvest, 2x Gutterbones, 2x Sanitarium Skeleton, 2x Revenge of Ravens. Guide updated. Added video guide.

Deck Description:

This is an update to my original Rakdos Sacrifice deck. The changes were significant enough to warrant making a new deck. This deck sacrifices some of the removal and card draw of the former for a more efficient deck build, synergy, and mana curve. This deck has been performing fairly well for me. I managed to push to Platinum with this deck. I've kind of stalled at Plat 2 for now, but I'm hoping the changes I've made will help me push through.

The idea revolves around your typical Rakdos Sacrifice style using things like [[Mayhem Devil]] and [[Judith, the Scourge Diva]] to ping your opponent. Originally, I was using a Steal and Sac strategy where I would steal opponent creatures with [[Claim the Firstborn]] and [[Act of Treason]] to use against my opponent and sac them to [[Priest of Forgotten Gods]] or [[Witch's Oven]]. Unfortunately, this was too inconsistent for me. A lot of times, especially against Control or Planeswalker decks, Firstborn and Treason would be dead in my hand. So I went back to a more sensible setup with [[Heartfire]] and [[Spark Harvest]] to funcion as removal spells. Secondly, the bonkers synergy between [[Cauldron Familiar]] and [[Witch's Oven]] CANNOT be overstated. It is a ridiculous combo that all but guarantees drain damage each turn. Finally, I decided to mainboard 2x [[Revenge of Ravens]] because FotD Golos is everywhere.


-Surprising burst damage

-Near infinite recursion with Cauldron Familiar/Witch's Oven

-Very aggressive. Usually gets good matchups vs. Temur Elementals, Cavalcade, Orzhov Lifegain, and Esper Stax (though Esper sometimes depends on draws).


-Draw dependant and card efficiency is low. I really miss Costly Plunder.

-Bad matchups vs Simic Flash, Bant Ramp, and Simic Oko

-Neutral matchups vs FotD Golos and Dimir Discard. Really depends on who draws what and who goes first.



4x [[Cauldron Familiar]] - Drains for 1 on ETB. Sac a food to bring it from the graveyard to the battlefield. The combo with Oven is you sac the cat to oven, get a food, then recur the cat for another ETB drain. These two cards together offer the possibility of infinite cat recursion. Nine lives indeed!

2x [[Sanitarium Skeleton]]/2x [[Gutterbones]] - Good sacrifice fodder. [[Gutterbones]] is slightly better for this deck, but I only have two of them at the time of this writing. Sanitarium Skeleton returns to your hand from the graveyard for 3 mana. Gutterbones can return for two mana, but requires dealing damage to your opponent first.

4x [[Dreadhorde Butcher]] - Fantastic card for putting early pressure on your opponent. If left unchecked, it can really run away with the game. If it dies, its power becomes burn damage.

3x [[Priest of Forgotten Gods]] - Sac outlet. Sac two creatures to force your opponent to sac a creature and lose 2 life. You then gain 2 black mana and draw a card. Works great with [[Claim the Firstborn]] and [[Act of Treason]] to give you sac fodder other than your own creatures. Also works with [[Chandra, Acolyte of Flame]]'s 1/1 Elementals since they will be sacrificed anyway.

2x [[Ayara, First of Locthwain]] - One of my favorite cards to come out of Eldraine. Whenever she or another black creature ETBs, you drain your opponent for 1. The synergy with the Familiar/Oven combo is pretty funny. On top of that, all of our creatures are either Mono Black, Rakdos colors, or Hybrid Black/Red. So they will all trigger Ayara's drain along with being valid sac fodder for her tap ability.

2x [[Judith, the Scourge Diva]] - Gives all your creatures +1/+0 and pings any target for 1 whenever another creature dies.

3x [[Mayhem Devil]] - Pings any target for 1 whenever anyone sacs anything. Sac a Food token? Ping for 1. Sac a creature? Ping for 1. Sac two lands to [[Lotus Field]]? Ping for 2. Keep in mind, this is when either you or your opponent sacrifices anything.

2x [[Cavalier of Night]] - This is a flex spot. I put Cavalier in here because the sac effect is really nice along with being a 4/5 Lifelinker that can help close the game out. On death ability lets you recur a creature with 3 CMC or less. All of our other creatures are 3 CMC or less. You are free to swap this out with anything else you would like. Really good options are [[God-Eternal Bontu]] and [[Liliana, Dreadhorde General]].


1x [[Dreadhorde Invasion]] - I ultimately decided to swap Chandra for this because I felt Chandra was underperforming. This deck also has a LOT of three drops. So I wanted to try to smooth that out as well. Dreadhorde Invasion gives you consistent sac fodder for Priest and Ayara. On top of that, everytime you can get a new Amass token to come out while Ayara is down, you basically get it for free since Ayara will drain your opponent. I think it will be okay as a one-of for now. Two is pushing it a little since they won't create seperate tokens.

4x [[Heartfire]] - Sac a creature to deal 4 damage to any target. Burn face. Burn Walkers. Burn creatures. Just don't burn yourself.

4x [[Spark Harvest]] - Sac a creature to destroy a creature or Walker. Cheap removal that works great with our sac strategy.

3x [[Witch's Oven]] - Sac outlet that creates a Food token. Main synergy is with Cauldron Familiar, but it can be used to sac other things as needed.

2x [[Castle Locthwain]] - (1)(B)(B) and tap to draw a card. Here because we like more efficiency.

2x [[Fabled Passage]] - Helps with Mana fixing. I've had a real bad run of land droughts and decided to try to fix it by adding these and one more land to the mana pool.

2x [[Revenge of Ravens]] - Used to be a sideboard option, but since I play in BO1, I put it in the mainboard to help deal with Cavalcade, White Weenie, and FotD Golos.


I built the sideboard mainly with Golos FotD and Control decks in mind. I didn't really build this deck with BO3 in mind, but for those of you who prefer BO3, here are some suggestions:

-[[Ashiok, Dream Render]] shuts down deck searching from [[Golos, Tireless Pilgrim]], [[District Guide]], and [[Circuitous Route]] while also allowing you to mill and exile their deck.

-[[Revenge of Ravens]] will punish huge zombie attacks by your opponent and is really useful for other go-wide decks like Selesnya Tokens, Mono R Cavalcade, and White Weenie.

-[[Flame Sweep]] and [[Legion's End]] are effectively board wipes, but be careful using Sweep because it is far easier for them to refill their board state than it is for you. Better to use it on their turn if you can. Both also have uses vs aggro decks and wide decks.

-[[Duress]], [[Specter's Shriek]], [[Chandra, Awakened Inferno]], and [[Liliana, Dreadhorde General]] are more for going against Control decks. Liliana COULD possibly be used against Golos decks, but it is very hard to get her to Ult before she dies. Chandra's -3 also functions as an effective board wipe, but be judicious with this. [[Spark Harvest]] is for dealing with annoying Planeswalkers like [[Oko, Thief of Crowns]], [[Teferi, Time Raveler]], and whatever else. If you are using Walkers of your own, [[Elderspell]] might be a better option over Spark Harvest.



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Spawn of Mayhem is another card I considered teching in vs Golos. Glad to hear it is working well for you. :)
I like this deck quite a bit! I've been playing it in non-ranked (I'm in mythic atm and don't want to risk losing rank hehe) and of the ten games I've played it's won seven! I'm not running this exact list, I didn't have enough rares for all of it, but about 95% of it is complete. I've tech'd in a spawn of mayhem as the spectacle making it a 3 drop has won me games, and mostly because one of the games I lost was a mirror match to a guy who drew his spawn of mayhem, lol. Thanks for the list!
Oh. Thanks a bunch :)
Great writeup! Featuring this on the frontpage.
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