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   I'll admit that all i really want is for [[Outlaw's Merriment]] to be a meta-warping card. I doubt it, but I'm willing to die on my hill here to say that it's very, very good until people start running [[mortify]] or [[disenchant]] or any of the other easy peasy ways to deal with an enchantment that, for all intents and purposes, is very, very slow.

    So my first attempt at a solution is a little bit of aggro! This deck is all about saying "You'd better remove my threats right now!" so we can juke it up at the end and drop our merriment after any of their potentially flexible removal is spent! The white splash is for the Merriment, as well as our aggressive one drop [[Venerable Knight]], and some very helpful fliers for the deck in [[Skyknight Legionnaire]] and everybodies favorite: [[Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice]]. There is a 1 off [[Chandra, Fire Artisan]] because [[Experimental Frenzy]] felt a little clunky in two colors with so many color specific cards.

{{Robber of the Rich}}

    Truely this is my all-star pick for the deck, as a 2/2 haste on turn 2 is usually just good enough to get you to your opponent's face, but he has the unique ability to be held back initially in favor of the many other 2 drops in the deck until your hand is nearly empty. Peeling off the top card of your opponent's deck into a [[Spawn of Mayhem]] or another curve topper / midrange bomb can often cause the opponent to go out of there way to just get him gone; or scoop! Keep in mind that his ability can be activated later with another Robber or a [[Tin-Street Dodger]] who I've found to be almost deserving of a 4-of inclusion. And the fact he has Reach has been oddly helpful 1 time.

{{Bonecrusher Giant}}

    Another absolute all-star, and a very good replacement for [[shock]]. One mana up the curve, and a curve onto himself, the giant, and too a lesser extent, [[Rimrock Knight]] are here to help you trade up with your 1 drops without the need for a 2-for 1 exchange, as well as help your [[Fervent Champion]] hold down the line, chip in for extra damage, or cause your opponent to cry a bit inside when they make bad blocks!

{{Scorching Dragonfire}} {{Embereth Shieldbreaker}}

    These are the flex spots in the deck. Obviously, we need to include some form of decent, low costed removal, and this card would in-fact be [[Slaying Fire]] if the adamant could be fufilled as easily as it could be in mono red, but the ability dragonfire has to get you there seems to be working good enough for me at the moment, and I haven't found a need to change it. the shieldbreaker is literally in the deck for game one [[The Great Henge]] - the enemy of face smashing, or even something as simple as [[Glass Casket]] or even a food token, i guess. I haven't even drawn it in a game yet, and am still 100% unsure it warrants an inclusion at all. Sometimes, as aggro players, we just lose the game, and I'm okay with that!


Mana Base

  The mana base of the deck needs to be scewed heavily towards red, i think, even though [[Outlaws' Merriment]] needs 2 white to cast, and I have had a game or two where I was unable to cast it on-curve, and that is why it isn't  4 of in the deck. There is also merit in including both or either [[Castle Embereth]] / [[Castle Ardenvale]] but I have yet to test them or have a turn off curving out where activating them would be a thing. 



        Obviously, I haven't tried to develop a sideboard yet, but Enchantment/Artifact hate is important in this cycle, I'm sure. Things like [[Doom Foretold]] and [[Fires of Invention]] are a definite and scary thing. Things like [[Experimental Frenzy]] could help us get there after board wipes if the deck was edited a bit, and the Merriments were either dropped, or the mana base was altered a bit.

        There is a case to be made for both [[Chandra, Acolyte of Flame]] and [[Gideon Blackblade]] for control games, white based enchantment removal such as [[conclave tribunal]] for when you just need to get there, [[Prison Realm]] if you need to go cheaper, or more [[Chandra, Fire Artisan]] for longer games. [[Lava Coil]] Offers better creature removal vs Dragonfire, as well.



        So far the deck has gone very well for me, and did 5-3 in the first standard bo1 event, losing out so far only to 2 very greedy midrange decks running [[agent of treachery]] and a mono green deck that had turn 4 hendge. But, clearly, the deck has many weaknessess, as any aggro deck would, and those weaknesses often show up in the form of awkward [[temple of triumph]] openers or top-decks when what you really need is an untapped land, and my overall record as of 10/1/2019 is 12 - 8, giving it only a little over a 50% win rate.


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Featuring this on the front page! thanks for the great writeup
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